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Digimon TCG – The Classic Collection Booster Set

Digimon Booster Set

A special live stream in Japan has mapped out how Bandai plans to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Digimon TCG game. During the stream,  Starter Decks 7 and 8 were announced, as well as ‘Digimon Adventure: packs’, which will focus on the Tamers of the original series that will come with four cards in each one .A new Themed Booster Set called the ‘Classic Collection’ was also announced, which will host a number of legacy Digimon characters such as Leomon, Angemon, Greymon, Garurumon and Devimon. In the teaser, the Digimon were shown in the classic Bandai profile art style, reminiscent of the Digimon: Adventure series and the former TCG, Digimon: Hyper Colosseum.

The Classic Collection Set will be numbered ‘EX-1’, making it separate from the regular Digimon TCG booster ID numbers. The deck is scheduled for a late July release, which is just three months after the first anniversary in Japan. This date allows us to speculate that the English version of the set could arrive around April 2021, three months after the English version’s 1st anniversary. 

Starter Decks 7 and 8, which will focus on Dukemon, known as ‘Gallantmon’ in the English version, were also announced on the live stream. These decks are planned for an April 23rd release in Japan, with the English release date still unknown. Although the entire card list hasn’t been revealed yet, a magazine in Hong Kong revealed a number of the new cards

More information about the upcoming anniversary will continue to trickle in over the coming months, including the cards that will make up the Digimon Classic Collection. To keep up to date all the updates, including other Digimon TCG related news, Head over to our  Instagram or Facebook and follow us there. 

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