Digimon TCG – The Pulsemon Trio

It seems that Digimon are like buses – you wait a long time for one to come along and then more arrive straight afterwards. This is certainly the case when it comes to Pulsemon, who is one of the newest Digimon in the franchise and TCG. Pulsemon was created to help promote the Vital Bracelet product in Japan, which works like a Fitbit, only it trains your Digimon while you work out. 

Pulsemon (P-028) –  Vital Bracelet Promo

The first Pulsemon card could only be obtained by pre-ordering the Vital Bracelet. The problem is, the product was only available in Japan, which meant that the English game didn’t get this version. Because of the exclusivity, this Pulsemon card is sought after by many Digimon TCG fans, especially by English players who want one for themselves. This card is pretty helpful in play, as it allows you to draw a card or gain 2 Memory depending on the amount of Security Cards you have left.

Fortunately, the prayers of players and collectors alike have been answered, as Bandai will be giving it away as part of the Great Legend pre-release events happening between June 4th and June 10th.

To learn more about the English version of Pulsemon (P-028) and the pre-release events, check out our article here

Digimon TCG promo cards
Digimon TCG promo cards

Pulsemon (P-028)- Alternate Art 

This second version of Pulsemon is an alt art version of the first promo, but is much easier to obtain. This card was initially a participation prize for the Bandai TCG Online event in March. 

This card will also be obtainable during the ‘Tamer Exchange Meeting’ events happening in June, where players will be given this promo and a ‘1st Anniversary Adventure Pack’ containing four cards themed around a specific Tamer. 

It is unknown when the English version of this promo will release, but it could be part of the 1st year Anniversary of the English game, which is in January 2022. 

Pulsemon (BT6 – 033)

It was revealed earlier this week that the third version of Pulsemon, which will not be a promo, will be arriving with the Double Diamond Booster (BT6) in May. This was revealed on a promotional poster in Japan and shows Pulsemon with a comic book style montage behind him. 

This card has a seriously handy yet risky Effect, which allows you to gain memory at the price of some Security Cards, as well as a nice Inherited Effect also. The card text translates as: 


[On Play] You may trash your top security card until there are 3 remaining to gain memory +1 for every security card trashed.

Inherited Effect:

[Your Turn] While you have 3 security cards, this Digimon gains <Jamming>(This Digimon can’t be deleted in battles against Security Digimon.)

The Great Legend booster is scheduled for a June 11th release, which will give players and collectors the opportunity to attend the pre-release events and get the first variation of Pulsemon in the English game. To learn more about Great Legend and the extra packs coming with the booster, click here

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