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Digimon TCG – Top 15 most valuable Event Promo cards

Over the past year, the Digimon TCG has had a large number of competitive events held both online and in stores. To entice more players to take part, Bandai has ensured that the prize and tournament pack cards have a low population and are highly collectable. This has caused them to become the highest value cards in the entire Digimon TCG, dwarfing cards that can be pulled from a booster set, except for the elusive Omnimon parallel that came with the Double Diamond booster. 

15. Diaboromon (P-016)

Current Value – $50$60

Source – Official Tournament Pack Vol. 1

The Diaboromon tournament promo was first introduced to the Japanese game within the  Tamer Exchange Promotion Pack, with the English version coming with the Official Tournament Pack Vol. 1. These packs came within Store Event Kits that were first given out in February 2021. 

14. Agumon (ST1-03) Alternate Art

Current Value – $55$71

Source – Evolution Cup 

The top 64 players of the Evolution Cup events, held in July and September, were awarded the Agumon alt art promo with the event logo stamped on the corner of the card art. There will be more chances to earn this card, as the next Evolution Cup will be held between November 13th and 27th, depending on your region. 

13. Diaboromon (BT5-084) Alternate Art

Current Value – $60$80

Source – Store Championships

This gold stamped Diaboromon was one of the seven promos that came with the ‘Champion Card Set’ awarded to the winner of Store Championship events held between September 13th and October 17th. 

12. Devimon (ST6-08) Online Finalist

Value – $85

Source – 2021 Championship Online Regional

This Devimon alt art is one of the seven cards that came with the 2021 Championship Online Regional ‘Champion Card Set’ that was awarded to the winners of events held in August. Winners were also awarded an exclusive playmat showing Leomon and Greymon having an all-out brawl.

11. Vilemon (BT2-072) Alternate Art 

Value – $90

Source – Evolution Cup

This Vilemon alt art is one of 18 cards that can be pulled from the Evolution Cup 2021 Event Pack, which was first available during the July Evolution Cup. Although most of the cards from this set hold a respectable value, Vilemon is the fourth most valuable card at the time of writing this article. 

10. Chaosmon (BT4-090) Online Finalist

Value – $90 – $100

Source – 2021 Championship Online Regional

Coming from the same pack as the Devimon previously listed, this alt art Chaosmon stamped with ‘Online Finalist’ is the most valuable of the seven card set. Those who win the event will get an entire ‘Champion Card Set’ and a Champion playmat. 

9. Veedramon (BT2-026) Alternate Art 

Value – $100

Source – DC-1 Grand Prix

The top 64 players got this Veedramon card during the September and October DC-1 Grand Prix. This event took place in September and October and was held both online and in stores. 

Digimon valuable promo cards

8. WarGreymon (ST1-11) Alternate Art

Value – $80 – $150

Source – Evolution Cup

This WarGreymon card is currently the third most expensive card that can be pulled from the Evolution Cup Event Pack set, although it can sell for the same price as DanDevimon that comes next on our list. 

7. DanDevimon (BT4-088) Alternate Art 

Value – $140 – $150

Source –  Evolution Cup

Out of all the 18 Evolution Cup 2021 Event Pack cards, DanDevimon is currently the second most valuable. One of the reasons for this card’s popularity is the incredible artwork illustrated by Kenji Watanabe. If you would like to learn more about this talented artist, check out our article here

6. LordKnightmon (BT5-045) Alternate Art

Value – $120 – $160

Source – Evolution Cup

LordKnightmon is the final card from the Event Pack that was given out to participants of the Evolution Cup. It is also the most valuable card from this 18 card set. This card does see a lot of play in yellow decks, which could be one of the reasons why it holds a high value.

Digimon valuable promo cards

5. AeroVeedramon (BT2-028) Alternate Art

Value – $170

Source – DC-1 Grand Prix

AeroVeedramon was handed to the top 32 players of the DC-1 Grand Prix. What’s interesting about this event is that Bandai sold the Veemon Participation Set for $40 that now hold a sealed value of around $90. The contents of this set complement the two top prize cards of this set, which include Veemon (BT2-021) alternate art cards, themed card sleeves and a playmat.  

4. Greymon (BT5-010) Alternate Art 

Value – $260 – $340

Source – Premier TO Event

This Greymon alt art was awarded to the top 32 players of the online Premier TO Events that took place in June. In July, this card was selling for around $350, which means it has managed to hold onto the higher end of its value throughout the last three months. 

Digimon valuable promo cards

3. UlforceVeedramon (BT2-032) Alternate Art

Value – $1300

Source – DC-1 Grand Prix

The top player of the DC-1 Grand Prix event was awarded a UlforceVeedramon. Because this card was only given to one winner per event, this card is incredibly rare, with a value that reflects this. 

Digimon valuable promo cards

2. WarGreymon (ST1-11) Alternate Art

Values – $1400

Source – Premier TO Event

The WarGreymon alternate art was the top prize card for the Premier TO event, awarded to those who placed in the top 8. Up until the Evolution Cup and the release of the Double Diamond booster, this WarGreymon was the most valuable card in the entire Digimon TCG. 

Digimon valuable promo cards

1. Omnimon (BT1-084) Alternate Art

Values – $1500

Source – Evolution Cup

The top two players of the Evolution Cup were awarded this Omnimon alt art, which has the logo of the event printed on it. Copies of this card rarely come onto the market, as there are very few of them in circulation (at the time of writing this article).

The reason why tournament cards are worth so much is down to their exclusivity. The only people who can obtain these cards brand new must earn them through ranking highly in play. This means far less are printed, compared to booster set cards. Once the prizes for the Evolution Cup, Premier TO and Grand Prix are changed, the previous ones will only increase in value as they become even harder to source. 

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