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Digimon TCG – Tournament Pack Vol.2 revealed

With lockdown restrictions easing around the globe, more stores have been able to hold competitive events. This has allowed players to get their hands on the Official Tournament Pack Vol. 1 and the Tamer Battle packs. Now, Bandai has shared their intention for the Digimon TCG prize pool during the June and July competitive season. 

The brand new Tournament Pack Vol.2 will be available during July and June at in-store events. These packs will be given out to people participating in competitive play, although Bandai has explained that stores that cannot host events will be allowed to distribute them to those who purchase products that equal the value of tournament entry price. 

Tournament Pack Vol.2

The cards coming in the Official Tournament Pack Vol.2 will be Monzaemon, WarGrowlmon, RizeGreymon and Argomon, which are cards that were initially included in the Japanese Tamer Battle Pack 3. The WereGarurumon and MetalGreymon were originally released in the Japanese Tamer Battle Pack 1 and 2.

Tournament Pack Vol.2

The winner prizes during the June and July period will be different this time around, as there are two card cases to be won. One is themed around Agnimon from the Great Legend booster, while the other is Omnimon from Special Booster 1.0 and WarGreymon from the Gaia Red starter deck.

Tamer Party events will also be hitting local stores during June and July, where one of three promo cards will be handed out to participants. These cards will be Garudamon, WereGarurumon and Lillymon. 

These tournament cards will arrive around the same time as the Great Legend booster. To learn more about this set, head over to our article here. To keep up to date with all Digimon TCG related news and card reveals, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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