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Digimon TCG updated release dates

The last couple of weeks have been a bit confusing for the Digimon TCG, with release dates of certain products being pushed back or scattered for different regions. Now, Bandai has committed to specific dates, letting fans know when they can expect the Gift Box and the  Classic Collection in North America, as well as the first main English booster of 2022, Next Adventure.

The Classic Collection – 

The Classic Collection is a set that uses the iconic reference book artwork, that was used in previous Digimon TCGs, but within brand new cards that are playable in the modern game. This set will inject new support for all colours, as well as specific archetype support for popular decks. The set contains just 73 types of cards, made up of 26 Commons, 20 Uncommons, 18 Rares, 8 Super Rares and just 1 Secret Rare. Each booster box also contains a WarGreymon (BT2-065) alt art card that will also be available in the Digimon Gift Box 

The Classic Collection has already been released in most regions around the world but will hit stores on January 7th for North America.  To learn more about this set, click on the links below – 

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Gift Box – 

Just in time for Christmas, Bandai is releasing the first Gift Collection, which will come with four Classic Collection booster packs, a WarGreymon promo card, two large memory Gauges, one of four new memory counters and a Digivice case to keep it in. Bandai has announced that Walmart, Target, GameStop and Meijer will be stocking the Gift Box in North America, while those in Oceania can visit EB Games and ZiNG Pop Culture. In Europe, huge chains such as Smyths and Waterstones are stocking the Gift Box in-store, which makes getting Digimon TCG products even easier.

The Digimon Gift Box was released in Europe and Oceania on December 10th and will release on December 17th for North America.  To learn more about the Gift Box, check out our links below – 

Is the Digimon TCG Gift Box worth buying?

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Digimon TCG release dates

Next Adventure –

The next set in the English version of the Digimon TCG will be Next Adventure, which will include several cards based on the Digimon Frontier series. This will be the first time that the TCG has branched away from its Digimon Adventure roots and the focus on Omnimon, introducing new mechanics, archetypes and debuting Digimon.

The release date for Next Adventure has been pushed back from January 22nd to February 18th.  It seems that Bandai intends on returning to having their sets release worldwide on the same day, but with the delays brought on by the pandemic, that could change.  To learn more about this set, click on the links below – 

Digimon TCG: Our Next Adventure Top Picks!

Digimon TCG – A closer look at the Next Adventure SECs

Digimon TCG – Next Adventure Super Rares

Digimon TCG release dates

As the Digimon TCG moves into its second year, we can only hope that future release schedules for Digimon TCG products don’t change drastically as Bandai learn from the logistic problems they ran into throughout 2021. To learn more about the recent delays within the Digimon TCG, check out our article here

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