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Digimon TCG – What is Digi-Burst?

A brand new Keyword called Digi-Burst is coming to the Digimon TCG. They will be included in the new Starter Decks, Dash Packs and the Great Legend booster set releasing on June 11th. This new mechanic has the potential of changing the game going forward, but what exactly is it? 

What is Digi-Burst? 

Digi-Burst is a Digimon TCG Keyword that allows you to Trash the Digivolutions beneath a card, depending on the requirements, to activate the card’s effect. Usually, Digi-Burst kicks in either when attacking or during the main phase. These effects are generally better than average but come at the cost of the previous Digivolutions in the chain. This puts an emphasis on the cost and will make a player strategically plan out their Digivolutions to get the most out of their Digi-Burst skills.

A Look At The Digi-Burst Cards –

Each colour, except for Yellow, will get at least one Digi-Burst Rookie card which will make them beneficial when Trashed by a Digi-Burst effect. When they are Trashed, they return to the player’s hand, which allows them to be played again for another Digi-Burst intended stack. These include Agumon for Red, Sunarizamon for Black, Gaomon for Blue, Ghostmon for Purple and Lalamon and DoKunemon for Green. 

Digimon TCG Digi-Burst

Yellow Digi-Burst Cards

WarGrowlmon has a Digi-Burst 2 effect that allows it to decrease a Digimon by -4000 DP for the turn. If you keep this Digimon safe in your raising area until you are ready to use it, you can use the Digi-Burst effect at the most optimal time. Varodurumon takes things one step further by decreasing all of your opponent’s Digimon by -4000 DP, if you Trash 3 Digimon beneath it. 

Digimon TCG Digi-Burst

Black Digi-Burst Cards

Baboongamon has a really great Digi-Burst 2 effect that allows it to De-Digivolve an opponent’s Digimon. This could force their most powerful Digimon back to their hand and Trash the rest of the Digivolution chain beneath it. Gogmamon has a more generic effect with its Digi-Burst 1 that gives it +2000 DP for the turn, offering extra power at no Memory Cost. The Black WarGreymon promo card, which will come in the ‘Great Dash Pack’, can unsuspend itself by Trashing 2 Digimon below it, allowing it to attack again. 

Digimon TCG Digi-Burst

Purple Digi-Burst Cards

Purple has the least Digi-Burst cards in the Great Legend set, with just a Devimon that has a pretty modest Digi-Burst 2 effect of Deleting one of your opponent’s level 3 Digimon. With that being said, the CresGarurumon, which will be included in the Venomous Violet starter deck, will recycle a level 3 Digimon from your Trash. Another promo card included in the ‘Great Dash Pack’ is MetalGarurumon, which has a fantastic Digi-Burst effect that allows it to play a 7-cost Option Card without paying the cost. 

Red Digi-Burst Cards

For red players, RizeGreymon has a really helpful Digi-Burst 2 effect that allows you to play a Tamer Card for free, while VictoryGreymon has the ability to Delete a Digimon with 8000 DP or less. Once again, if this card is left protected in the raising area, its Digi-Burst effect can be used at the most optimal moment. 

Blue Digi-Burst Cards

For the cost of two Digimon below MachGaogamon, a player can return a level 4 or lower Digimon back to their opponent’s hand. ZeedGarurumon is similar, only its effect works against level 5 or lower Digimon instead.

Green Digi-Burst Cards

It seems that Green has been favoured more when it comes to Digi-Burst cards, as it is not only receiving two rookie variations but is also getting several higher level Digi-Burst cards that are really good. These include Lilamon from the Great Legend booster and HerculesKabuterimon from the Giga Green starter deck, who can both suspend one of your opponent’s Digimon. Nidhoggmon, a level 6 card, can suspend all of your opponent’s level 5 Digimon and send them to the bottom of the deck. 

The Digi-Burst Keyword will bring a new mechanic to the Digimon TCG, which will certainly see plenty of play in the future meta. To check out some of the most sought after cards in the upcoming Great Legend booster set, check out our article – Digimon TCG: Great Legend Secret Rares.

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