Digimon TCG: Which new Starter Deck is best?

The next three Starter Decks in the Digimon TCG are coming this week on June 11th. These decks will introduce the new keyword ‘Digi-Burst’, as well as new colour cards for Matt Ishida and Tai Kamiya. In this article, we give you an overview of each of the new Digimon TCG Starter Decks, which will hopefully help you decide which one best fits your play style.

Giga Green ST-4

Izzy Izumi and his Kabuterimon team lead the Giga Green Starter Deck. With Motimon, Palmon and Togemon, your higher level Digimon can really pack a punch when attacking, thanks to their Inherited Effects that increase their DP.

The new Tentomon card in this deck has a fantastic draw mechanic, which allows you to put the top card of your deck into your hand if it’s a green Digimon. With most of this deck being made up of green Digimon, except for the ten that are Option and Tamer cards, you would have to be pretty unlucky not to draw one. 

Digimon TCG New Starter Decks

Lillymon offers a great search mechanic, allowing you to look at the top 5 cards of your deck and take a level 6 or higher Digimon among them. Those higher level Digimon are Rosemon, who stops an opponent’s Digimon from attacking on their next turn, while HerculesKabuterimon comes with the brand new ‘Digi-Burst’ keyword, which allows a player to trash two of the cards beneath it to suspend one of the enemy Digimon. Although this could combo with the Electro Shocker Option card, which returns a suspended Digimon to your opponent’s hand, you do run the risk of losing the Inherited Effects of Motimon, Palmon and Togemon if they are trashed through ‘Digi-Burst’.

Needle Spray is a much better card to combo with Electro Shocker, as it can also suspend your opponent’s Digimon for just 2 memory cost. The problem with this, however, is that it would cost you 7 memory to pull it off. So, how would you make sure you build up extra memory? This Starter Deck is all about suspending your opponent’s Digmon to control their side of the field, so when that happens, the Izzy Izumi Tamer card can also suspend itself to gain extra memory! 

Digimon TCG New Starter Decks

Machine Black ST-5

This is the second Starter Deck that has Tai Kamiya fronting it, only this time the cards are black and themed around Cyborg and Machine type Digimon. This Digimon TCG Starter Deck has two draw mechanic cards in the form of a new ToyAgumon and Greymon, who can both draw a card as long as your opponent didn’t attack during their turn. 

This deck is themed around Blocker orientated cards. In fact, Megadramon offers your level 6 Digimon the Inherited Effect of becoming a blocker. This will mean that your opponent will have to get through your top Digimon before they can get to your Security pile. The newest MetalGreymon card coming with this deck also temporarily offers Blocker to one of your Digimon. The Digi-Egg of this deck, Kapurimon, has the Inherited Effect of giving a Blocker Card +1000 DP, which isn’t a bad little bonus as your Digimon will most likely have that keyword. 

Digimon TCG New Starter Decks

The Machinedramon effect that gives 2 Digimon Reboot is incredibly helpful, especially with Blocker cards, as it means that they can get unsuspended after an attack, letting them attack again or Block next turn. The Tai Kamiya Tamer card is also incredibly helpful in this deck, as it can be suspended to turn a Digimon that was suspended by its Blocker effect back to unsuspended. This means that during your opponent’s turn, your Digimon will be free to Block against an incoming attack! BlitzGreymon is the Digi-Burst card for the Machine Black Starter Deck, which reduces an opponent’s Digimon by -4000 DP. 

Venomous Violet ST-6

The Venomous Violet Starter Deck has a very interesting mechanic that focuses on trashing cards from your hand so that you can return them from the drop later on. Gabumon and Garurumon both have the Inherited Effect that allows you to draw a card and then trash 1 card from your hand, while Dracmon and SkullSatamon can return a purple Digimon from the trash to your hand. The Nail Bone Option card also allows a player to play a purple level 3 Digimon and a level 4 Digimon from the trash, while CresGarurumon’s ‘Digi-Burst’ effect lets you play 1 level 3 Digimon from your trash by trashing 2 cards from beneath it. 

Trashing Digimon is also beneficial in this deck for other reasons, as WereGarurumon’s Inherited Effect allows the Digivolved Digimon to gain +5000 DP, as long as there are 5 or more cards in the trash. Also, when a Digimon is deleted, you can unsuspend the Matt Ishida Tamer card to gain extra memory. 

If controlling the field while building up your Digimon’s strength with Inherited Effects sounds like your style, the Gaia Green Starter Deck is for you. If you want to take on a more defensive style within the Digimon TCG and make sure your opponent doesn’t get a shot at your Security pile, then Machine Black is the best choice. Those who want to recycle Digimon from their hand and trash will want to play Venomous Violet, as it has some interesting combos and provides more freedom when choosing your Digimon.

The three new Digimon TCG Starter Decks will release on June 11th, which is the same day that the Great Legend booster set will hit stores. To learn more about the fantastic cards in that set, check out our articles: 

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