Digimon TCG: Which Starter Deck Is The Best?

Digimon TCG Best Starter Deck

With the Digimon TCG in full swing following the release of ‘Special Booster Ver 1.0’, with ‘Ver 1.5’ hot on its heels, many people are now turning toward the playing side of the TCG. The natural entry point is through one of the three Starter Decks, which will teach a new player the basics and allow them to get stuck in straight away.  Which one of these Digimon TCG Starter Decks is best?

Each of the starter decks are based on a Tamer from the Digimon Adventure series, with the cards  themed around their Digimon. Although players may have a biased preference towards a particular character when making their decision, in this article, we will take a look at each of the three decks and try and determine which one is best. 

Gaia Red

The ‘Gaia Red’ deck is based on the leader of the original Digimon series, Tai Kamiya. This deck is all about security cards that will keep your opponent in constant danger, while keeping you safe! In fact, the ‘Gaia Force’ security card allows you to delete one of your opponent’s Digimon when triggered. As expected with a Tai deck, you get to play MetalGreymon, which gains 3 memory when blocked, and WarGreymon, who can increase its Security Attack depending on the amount of Digivolution cards it has. This is definitely a deck for players who like to come in with a bang but equally has defences when the firepower is returned. 

Cocytus Blue

Matt Ishida and his faithful companion Gabumon are the focus of the ‘Cocytus Blue’ themed deck. Garurumon allows a player to chip away at its opponent’s Digimon by trashing a Digivolution card beneath it. When ‘WereGarurumon’ enters the game, it works with the ability of Garurumon, by gaining extra Security Attack for a Digimon that has no Digivolution cards beneath it! This deck is about going all guns blazing to destroy your opponent’s Digimon before they have time to Digivolve. If you have no problem blasting little Digimon away to win the game, this deck is for you! 

Heaven’s Yellow

The T.K Takaishi themed deck sees the loveable character take up the power of light in the form of Angemon. This deck is all about the long game, weakening your opponent’s cards with effects as you build up your power. This deck will be ideal for combatting the ‘Cocytus Blue’ deck’s aggressive style by decreasing the DP of a Digimon, using cards like ‘MagnaAngemon’ and ‘Seraphimon’. Also, the ‘Heaven’s Yellow’ deck will weaken an opponent’s Security, something the ‘Gaia Red’ deck heavily depends on, by using cards like ‘Holy Flame’. 

With a way to counter both of the other decks, the Heaven’s Yellow Digimon starter deck is arguably the best out of the three. Of course, a deck is only as good as its player, which means the right pilot could excel with any of them! 

Digimon Starter Deck Contents

All three decks come with 54 cards – seven Common, five Uncommon, three Rare and one Super Rare. Also, in the deck are two memory gauges and a Booster Pack of ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.0. 

Availability Of The Decks

Unfortunately, since the release of the Digimon starter decks, stock levels in stores have been incredibly low, with many of them selling out very quickly. This means that the prices of the decks have been inflated, which puts some new players off. Because of this, the intended purpose of these starter decks are being lost. It seems that if this pattern continues, these initial starter decks will be skipped by potential new players entirely. Of course, fresh stock in stores could rectify this problem. 

Three new decks will be released in May 2021 – Giga Green, Machine Black and Venomous Violet. This will give new players another chance to pick up the game, as well as provide current players and collectors with some seriously cool cards. 

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