Digimon we would like to enter the Digimon Card Game

Although the Digimon Card Game is only just over a year old, we have already had many unique Digimon enter the fold. With the upcoming New Hero set introducing more Digital Monsters from the Adventure 02 series, and EX02: Digital Hazard bringing the powerful X-Antibody variations, there are plenty more that are yet to make it into card form. In this article, we share our list of  Digimon that we would like to see entering the TCG. 


What do you get when you cross a minotaur with an insane amount of artillery? Assaultmon. 

This Cyborg Digimon first appeared in the Digimon World 3 video game and Digivolves from Monmon, who we already have in the game. Although the Monmon we already have is a blue card, I think Assaultmon belongs in black. Assaultmon has since appeared in several other video games. 

Digimon Card Game
Digimon Card Game


Shadramon is the Digivolution of Wormmon and the Digi-Egg of Courage. Not many people know of this Digimon, although it did appear in the Digimon World Dawn and Dusk DS games as well as other titles. I really like how it has similar aspects to Flamedramon, only in an insectoid form. 

KingEtemon & PrinceMamemon

In the English Digimon anime, Etemon was a spoof of Elvis, the king of rock. Well, there is actually a Digivolution form after Etemon that makes this ape Digimon look like a literal king, despite not being one. While on the subject of Digimon who think they belong to royalty, KingEtemon once teamed up with PrinceMamemon, who actually believes that the real Royal Knights, such as Omnimon, are below him in the hierarchy.

Digimon Card Game

MegaSeadramon X & GigaSeadramon

Seadramon has been part of the Digimon franchise since the very first anime series. Since then, more powerful Digivolutions have been introduced such as MegaSeadramon and MetalSeadramon, Digimon that already have cards within the TCG. Two powerful forms we are yet to see, however, is MegaSeadramon X and GigaSeadramon – forms that look incredibly ferocious and really cool. 

GraceNovamon, Dianamon & Apollomon

GraceNovamon is described as a ‘Galaxy’ Digimon with enormous power. It has only ever appeared in the virtual pet series and was introduced in the ‘Digital Monster Ver.20th’ in 2017. Introducing GraceNovamon into the Digimon Card Game will mean that we will also need the god Digimon Dianamon and Apollomon, as they are part of the fusion that created GraceNovamon.

Digimon Card Game

These are just a few of many fantastic Digimon we are yet to see in the game. Although there is no way of knowing when these Digimon will enter the game, the upcoming sets will inject several new Digimon and interesting deck archetypes for players to get stuck into.  To learn more about these sets and when they can be expected, check out our articles below – 

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