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Digimon World references in Battle of Omni

Bandai enjoy referencing their past projects within the Digimon franchise, whether it is Digimon TCG cards directly inspired by the old Hyper Colosseum cards or moments from the Digimon anime. Well, in Battle of Omni, they are paying homage to their most popular RPG game, Digimon World. 

Battle omni Digimon world

Digimon World – 

Digimon World was released by Bandai on the PlayStation in 1999 and was incredibly original for its time. It combined RPG elements with a virtual pet, like the Tamagotchi that was released in 1996. The result was a story-driven game with lots of stat grinding. You not only had to raise your Digimon from an egg up to its final form, but you also had to feed it, keep it happy, toilet trained and well-rested. If the Digimon wasn’t well looked after, then it would die and you would be forced to raise a new companion from scratch. 

The main objective of the game is to travel across the Digital World to bring Digimon back to populate File City. Along the way, the player meets a variety of interesting characters who have been captured in several Battle of Omni cards referencing Digimon World. 

Monochromon BT5-012

After crossing the invisible bridge at the Great Canyon, the player comes across a store with Monochromon behind the counter. In order for him to join the City, you have to do a shift and sell his goods. After you agree, a series of stingy Digimon enter the shop, who you have to barter with to get the best price. 

Battle omni Digimon world

Meramon BT5 – 011

After you cool down Meramon at Drill Tunnel, Meramon decides to join File City and opens up his own restaurant. As seen in this Meramon card, he is actually quite the accomplished chef. 

Jijimon BT5-043

Jijimon is the player’s guide throughout the Digimon World video game, explaining how things work and offering tips along the way. In this card, he can be seen with all the Digitama of File City, standing in front of his giant tin can house.

Battle omni Digimon world
Battle omni Digimon world

Garurumon BT5-024

When visiting Freezeland, Garurumon can be found roaming around. In fact, you can even persuade him to join the City if you defeat him twice, two days apart. He then goes to work with Meramon, cooking steaks in his restaurant. 

Weedmon BT5-050

When visiting Monochromon’s store, Weedmon is one of the difficult customers trying to haggle a good deal on meat and other items. The facial expression above his head shows how happy he is with the price, with this one leaning toward him storming off without buying anything at all!

Bonus – Digimon World references in other boosters

The last two on our list are actually from the Double Diamond booster, the Great Legend booster and Special Booster 1.0, but are definitely worthy of a mention. 

Mojyamon BT6-024

When visiting Freezeland, the player comes across a number Mojyamon sitting in their igloos. In this card art, we can see the Digimon holding up a Floppy disk, which a player can pick up to receive the items inside. 

Leomon BT4-055

When a player comes across Patamon, he is getting beaten by a Goblimon. Before you can step forward to save it, Leomon appears out of nowhere and comes to the rescue. In this card art, you can even see the Goblimon being bashed backwards. 

Tanemon BT1-007

In Digimon World, there are a number of things you can feed your hungry Digimon, with the most common being meat. Before anyone gets worried about having to hunt down and butcher Digimon, it is actually grown in the ground by Tanemon. 

Analog Boy

The ultimate reference to the Digimon World game released on PS1 will be the ‘Analog Boy’ card, which directly references the character the player controls throughout the game, also known as Mameo. He does always return in Digimon World: Next Order as a supporting character.

The Digimon TCG will be referencing their previous Hyper Colosseum and Digi-Battle artwork in the upcoming Classic collection. This set, coming to the English game in December, will bring brand new cards into the Digimon TCG, along with nostalgic reference book artwork. To learn more about this set, head over to our article here

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