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Double Diamond – Box Toppers and Promos

The Pre-release period for the English version of Double Diamond begins on October 1st, with the full release happening a week later on October 8th. Although this set will include several chase cards, such as the elusive Omnimon Parallel, each booster box will come with a Box Topper, Anniversary Promo Packs and Dash Packs. 

Box Toppers – 

Each booster box of Double Diamond will come with a parallel design Box Topper card. There are six to collect in total, with each one being an alternate art version of the Digi-Eggs included in the set. Although the Digimon image remains the same, the backgrounds have been swapped out for a new prism design, with the text box faded out. 

Double Diamond promo

1-Year Anniversary Promo Pack –

For Double Diamond, Bandai have decided to add an extra booster pack to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Digimon TCG in Japan. This set will contain 10 cards, all of which are alternate arts voted for by fans of the game. 

If you would like to see the other ways the 1st Anniversary is being celebrated, head over to our article – Digimon TCG: 1st Anniversary Adventure Pack.

Double Diamond promo

Double Diamond Dash Packs – 

Those who buy 12 packs of Double Diamond will receive a Dash Pack containing one of six holo cards. These cards will be released in English first, which will make a nice change from the Japanese version of the game getting them first. 

‘Agumon – Bond of Bravery’ and ‘Gabumon – Bond of Friendship’ will be making their Digimon TCG Debut with the Double Diamond booster, offering forms that we’ve never seen before from these Digimon. 

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