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Double Diamond – Three Musketeer Cards

The Double Diamond booster will bring a brand new deck archetype into the Digimon TCG in the form of the Three Musketeer cards. These cards will introduce an array of gun-toting Digimon into the game, including BeelStarmon, Gundramon and Deputymon. 


This level 6 Digimon has a very nice effect that allows it to use a 7 cost Option card in your hand for free, or delete a Digimon with 4000 DP instead.  Artwork wise, Tonamikanji has done a phenomenal job of illustrating the details of the guns and the texture of MagnaKidmon’s leather clothing. 


Deputymon has a fantastic search engine for the archetype, allowing you to take a Three Musketeers card from the top three cards of your deck, or a 7 cost Option card.  This Digimon also makes Digivolving into another Three Musketeer really easy, allowing you to pay 6 memory to Digiolve, regardless of the requirements. This will allow you to use play MagnaKidmon, despite it being a Red card. 


Gundramon’s search ability, which can play a 7-cost Option Card, is incredibly helpful if not risky, as you lose the other 4 cards from the top of your deck. Having the Blocker effect with 11000 DP will give you a really good form of defence. Although the artwork of this card does a good job of showing the firepower this Digimon is packing, sadly, the bullet hole from the original card has been removed for the English version of the game. 

Three Musketeer Cards

Happy Bullet Showering 

The Happy Bullet Showering Option card isn’t limited to just Red decks, as long as you have a Three Musketeers card in play. Although its main effect of deleting your opponent’s Digimon with the lowest DP costs 7 memory, Digivolving into MagnaKidmon will allow you to play it for free. 

Gewalt schwarmer

Gewalt schwarmer is another card that can be played in any Three Musketeer decks, as the colour doesn’t matter as long as a card from the archetype is in play. This card’s effect is very fitting of the Gundramon art on it, as it unleashes a barrage of bullets to wipe out all of your opponent’s Digimon with a play cost of 7 or less. If it happens to be in your Security stack, the card is sent straight to your hand, which isn’t bad compensation.

Three Musketeer Cards

Fly Bullet 

Once again, this card isn’t restricted to any one colour, as long as there is a Three Musketeers card in play. As is the pattern with the Three Musketeers Option cards, Fly Bullet is another 7 cost, which means it could be played for free with MagnaKidmon or Gundramon’s effects. This card’s main effect will delete an opponent’s level 6 or lower Digimon, which isn’t as generous as Gewalt schwarmer’s effect but can be activated for free from the Security. 


BeelStarmon is considered by many to be the female version of Beelzemon, which makes its Secret Rare rarity fitting, as Beelzemon was the SEC of Special booster 1.0. With enough Three Musketeers and 7 cost Option cards in your trash, this card’s play cost can be significantly reduced. BeelStarmon allows you to take a 7 cost Option card from your trash and play it for free, just like MagnaKidmon or Gundramon. BeelStarmon has been a fan favourite for a while, even before the Digimon TCG began. This fandom, along with its playability, will no doubt help its value rise.

Three Musketeer Cards

The Double Diamond booster will release on October 15th in Europe, Latin America and Oceania, while fans in North America will have to wait until Mid-November. These release dates are a result of delays brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has also affected Starter decks 7 & 8. To learn more, check out our article here

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