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Dragon Ball Battle Hour – The Wait Is Almost Over!

DBS CG Battle Hour

It’s almost time to create your Dragon Ball themed avatar and find the perfect spot in the digital ‘Battle Hour’ Arena. Bandai’s first official online event, ‘Dragon Ball Battle Hour’, will kick off its opening ceremonies at  6 PM GMT / 12 PM CST/ 7 PM CET/ 1 PM EST on March 6th. In a recent social media post, Bandai shared all the details of the day’s action-packed itinerary in full, letting fans know exactly what to expect from the 12-hour live event. 

The Battle Hour Event

The ‘Dragon Ball Battle Hour’ will bring three of the most popular games in the Dragon Ball Universe together for the first time – the Dragon Ball Super CG, the arcade-style Dragon Ball: FighterZ and the mobile-exclusive Dragon Ball: Legends. Each of the games top competitors from around the world will compete against each other to become the very first ‘Battle Hour’ champions. The DBS CG and Dragon Ball: Legends will be streamed on the ‘Great Ape Arena’, while FighterZ will be held in the ‘Shenron Arena’ – both streaming simultaneously. 

Battle Hour Timetable

The DBS CG Tournament

The ‘Battle Hour’ online event will host a special exhibition tournament consisting of the 2019 Final Championship winners from across the globe. The matches will be a best of 3 format with single-elimination. The qualifying rounds will begin straight after the opening ceremony, with the Tournament Final starting an hour and fifteen minutes after the half time show. 

Battle Hour Special Exhibition

Additional Content For Dragon Ball Fans

The ‘Dragon Ball Battle Hour’ will also offer three additional bonus events that will see some fun challenges taking place. The ‘Producer Game Clear Challenge’ will see game producers from the past attempting to clear a number of Dragon Ball games that will be kept a mystery prior to the event. The ‘Diorama Art Challenge’ will allow fans to watch artist Satoshi Araki recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the Dragon Ball Universe. The ‘Mosaic Art Challenge’ will see fan-submitted screenshots of Dragon Ball game moments put together to create a beautiful mosaic. 

The Online Arena

Those watching the event from one of the Arenas will be able to create an avatar based on characters in the Dragon Ball universe. These avatars will have emotes such as fist-pumps, glow sticks and applause to allow you to cheer for your favourite players. 

A Merch Store will also be available to buy official T-shirts, posters and an exclusive ‘Battle Hour’ S.H. Figuarts ‘Super Saiyan Son Goku Clone’, as seen in Dragon Ball: FighterZ.

Battle Hour Campaign Merchandise

‘Dragon Ball Battle Hour’ will be streamed for free from the official website. To keep up with all updates regarding this event, make sure you follow us on  Instagram and Facebook

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