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Dragon Ball Super CG – Cross Spirits SPRs

Cross Spirits was first announced with an exciting new trailer on the official Bandai YouTube channel. Although the video provided plenty of sneak peeks for the new set, it was the blurry SPRs printed on the side of the box art that captured the attention of many fans.

There was much speculation about what characters could be featured on these cards and now the first four SPRs of Cross Spirits have finally been revealed. 

Android 18, Defender of Heroes

Android 18 was one of the obvious characters on the side of the Cross Spirits box art, although we knew nothing about the card except that it was a Unison. The artwork shows Android 18 from the Dragon Ball GT Super 17 saga when she sought revenge for the death of Krillin. When this card loses a marker due to Spirit Boost, you can switch an opponent’s card to Rested. The +2 skill allows you to search the top three cards from the deck and place them back in any order, helping you search and draw the cards you need more quickly. The -2 skill lets you look at the top three cards of your deck and keep one of them. This card will be incredibly helpful for many Yellow decks. 

Cross Spirits SPR
Cross Spirits SPR

Opening  the Gates of Hell

This 1 cost Extra card seems quite situational in its wording, working best when multiple plays are done at once. Regardless of how many Unison or Battle cards you send to rest by this skill, you will still get to draw a card in your opponent’s turn. The artwork of this card is seriously impressive, with the foil detailing on Cooler and King Cold only adding to it. 

Tapion, the Hero Revived

‘Tapion, the Hero Revived’ is one of the only Cross Spirits SPRs that were shared with fans in the trailer for the Cross Spirits set. This card allows you to return a Battle Card to your opponent’s hand if the criteria is met. The +0 Unison skill that gives your Leader + 10000 Power for the turn will definitely come in handy, while the +2 will allow you to draw a card at the cost of switching it to Rest.  

Cross Spirits SPR

Tapion, Calamity Challenger

‘Tapion, Calamity Challenger’ is a Blue SPR Tapion card that can be EX evolved. It will work with the other Blue Trunks and Tapion cards coming with the Cross Spirits booster set. This includes the new Trunks Leader, the ‘Foreboding Music Box’ and ‘Tapion calamity Challenger’

Great Saiyaman, the Mystery Hero

When a marker is removed from ‘Great Saiyaman, the Mystery Hero’, you can KO a 2 cost or less Battle Card. This will be helpful during the early stages of a game or against decks that utilise lower-cost cards to get higher ones into play. The +1 skill allows you to search for a 1 cost skill-less Battle Card, while the +0 skill lets you combo during your opponent’s turn with a skill-less earthling Battle Card. 

There are still SPR cards from the set that are yet to be revealed. If you would like to see what we think those cards could be, click here.If you would like to learn about more cards coming with Cross Spirits booster set, head over to our article – DBS CG: Top Black & Blue Cross Spirits cards.

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