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Dragon Ball Super CG Christmas gift guide for all budgets

The festive period is almost here! Whether you are looking to buy for a friend who is already into the TCG, or someone looking to purchase the perfect DBS CG gift but doesn’t have much knowledge of the game, in this guide, we will offer up several gift ideas for all budgets. 

Note: All prices reflect the RRP prices stated by Bandai and may change from retailer to retailer.

Card Sleeves / Deck Protectors 

Price – $3 – $10

Every player not only enjoys having their cards in attractive sleeves but need them to protect their cards! There are plenty of sleeves out there that range from $3, for basic coloured versions, to those that cost around $10, with artwork printed on them. Bandai has released a number of official card sleeves, with the artwork of popular cards printed on them. If you are just looking for a little stocking filler, these will definitely go down a treat. It is important to keep in mind that Dragon Ball Super CG cards fit large sleeves, the same ones as Digimon and Pokemon cards. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Christmas gift


Price – $6 – $20 (Depending on size)

Binders always come in handy for collectors of any TCG, especially the higher quality ones that display cards clearly while offering protection. Although there are many manufacturers of Binders, Ultra Pro are among the best and most affordable on the market, which come in a large variety of designs, colours and sizes. 


Price – around $20

Playmats are a good way of protecting your card sleeves and gives a player the chance to splash some of their personality or likes into their games. If you want to get somebody a matching set of something, why not pair up an official  Bandai playmat with the card sleeves that have the same design? 

Dragon Ball Super CG Christmas gift

Saiyan & Namekian Boost Sets 

Price – $18

The Saiyan & Namekian Boost sets are ideal gifts that offer variety, as they come with three booster packs, two of which being Supreme Rivalry and one Battle Evolution, as well 10 foiled holo cards and an exclusive DBS CG dice. These sets introduce the new ‘Boost’ mechanic, making them the ideal way to keep up to date with the most recent additions to the game. 

Gift Collection

Price –  $25
For December, Bandai is releasing a really nice Gift Collection that will come with two booster packs of the upcoming reprint set, Mythic Booster, as well as some deck sleeves with an exclusive design and a deck box to match. If you would like to learn more about this set, head over to our article here.

Starter Decks 

Price – $12 – $15

If you are looking to introduce a friend to the game, or want to play together for the first time, starter decks are a fantastic way to begin. There are so many to choose from, with all of them focusing on different fan favourite characters, offering something for everyone! If you want to give them a deck that has all the most recent game mechanics, we would recommend getting Pride of the Saiyans or Darkness Reborn. To learn more about all the Starter Decks you can choose from, head over to our articles here and here

Saiyan Showdown Booster 

Price –  around $80

If you are looking to really treat someone, a booster box will definitely put a smile on their face. The question is, with so many sets to choose from, which one should you get? For those who are already into the game, the newest Dragon Ball Super CG set, Saiyan Showdown, will be a fantastic choice. This set has four Secret Rare cards that include groups of iconic Saiyan characters sharing one card. Saiyan Showdown booster boxes all come with an extra SR or SPR as a box topper, which should definitely sweeten the deal. 

Mythic Booster 

Price – around $80

The Mythic Booster will be the final Dragon Ball Super CG set of 2021, which will release in December, just in time for the holidays. This set is fantastic for those just starting out in the TCG, as it comes with a lot of fantastic reprint cards that are useful in play. It is also great for fans who have been in the game for a while as it will offer lots of alternate art foiled cards to collect. Most TCG retailers are taking pre-orders for this set now, but it is important to note that some regions have had distribution issues lately, especially North America, so check in with your local stores to ensure they will arrive before Christmas. If you would like to learn more about this set, you can check out our article here

Dragon Ball Super CG Christmas gift

Special Anniversary Box 2021 

Price – $60

What better way to see the year out than give someone the 2021 Dragon Ball Super CG Special Anniversary set. This box comes with a number of reprints that have had a gold foil overhaul, as well as five incredible looking ‘Prismatic Burst’ cards that focus on Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Bardock and Gogeta in their Super Saiyan 4 forms. To learn more about this box, you can read more here

Collector’s Selection  

Price –  $100 – $150

If you are looking for a premium quality gift for a fan of the Dragon Ball Super CG, the Collector’s Selection Vol.1 could be the perfect gift. This binder is made up of 18 alternate art cards that were voted for by players and Game Designers. Initially, these collections sold out but some stores have since received more stock. If you are having no luck finding a store, there are plenty of them listed on eBay for around the retail price. 

It can be confusing when trying to buy for a fan of the DBS CG, especially if you don’t collect the TCG yourself. Hopefully, this guide will help you when picking out the perfect gift for your friends and family. 

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