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The pre-release period for the Saiyan Showdown set will kick off on November 12th for most regions, a week ahead of its November 19th release date. This latest booster set will pit fan favourite Saiyans against each other – revisiting epic battles spanning the entire Dragon Ball universe. Now that the entire set has been revealed, it is clear that this set is designed to evoke nostalgia in long term fans, while providing exciting new cards and artwork based on epic Dragon Ball Super moments. 

King Vegeta, Invasion’s Command

We have seen this style of artwork before within SPRs of the Dragon Ball Super CG, offering a new level of detailing that gives King Vegeta the noble appearance he deserves. The gold foil highlights throughout the artwork almost look like energy radiation throughout his body, despite fans barely seeing any fights involving the king of all Saiyans. This Unison is one of the best of the set. The play cost of this card can be lowered to just two, while its Spirit Boost ability can get it out with three markers on it. Its +1 ability will send a card from your opponent’s side of the field and their hand to the bottom of their deck, which is really nice and its -X ability allows you to KO as many cards as you want, as long as you have enough markers. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown
Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown

Vegeta, Omnipotent Elite

The artwork of ‘Vegeta, Omnipotent Elite’ is incredibly nostalgic for those who grew up watching the Dragon Ball Z, with the illustrator staying loyal to the original appearance of Vegeta in this moment. There will be no confusion as to what colour this card belongs to, as the split between green and red text does stand out against the purple and gold foiled colour scheme.

Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle 

In our opinion, the art of ‘Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle’ SPR isn’t the best we have seen from this set, with the hair of both Saiyans looking really off and Goku looking more like a link of sausages as he attacks in his Kaio-Ken form. ‘Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle’ is an easy three cost play card that has a multitude of fantastic keyword skills that can also KO two of your opponent’s Battle Cards. With that being said, it does come with the cost of weakening your Son Goku cards and is only around for one turn before being sent to the warp. As is the case in the series, Kaio-Ken is a great opportunity to get a destructive burst out, especially at the end of a battle. 

SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed

This artwork for ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’ is just ferocious. In play, ‘SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed’ can be played for just three energy when using Arrival and can send a Battle Card to the bottom of its owner’s deck. You can also give this card Dual Attack, along with its Double Strike, for the turn if you discard a card from your hand. 

Hit, Battlefield Manipulator 

Hit is arguably the coolest new character introduced into the Dragon Ball series, being an assassin who can time skip to get the jump on his opponent. Although the extra markers granted by Arrivals and being able to draw a card is nice, it is the -1 ability that really makes this card shine. For two energy, you can force your opponent’s Leader to Awaken but lose their Awaken and Wish skills. For many decks, this could be absolutely devastating and will no doubt annoy many players. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown

Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball

The only black SPR card of the Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown, Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball is a Counter:Attack card that can be played for free if you have a black Unison card in play. If the attacking card has 15000 power or less, it can be sent to its owner’s warp. What is more, this card can give one of your black Leader or Battle Cards +15000 for the turn. This is an all-round great black Extra card that will fit in best with Shadow Dragon decks. 

Videl, Encountering Danger

It’s always nice to see characters in outfits that are completely different to what we are used to seeing them in. This is certainly the case in ‘Videl, Encountering Danger’, which shows the moment that Videl has a run-in with the Legendary Super Saiyan. What is really cool about this moment is the determination and perseverance of Videl, who knows that Broly is completely out of her league but chooses to stand up to him anyway. Being able to play this Counter:Play card for free, if you have a three cost Unison in play, is really nice. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown
Dragon Ball Super CG Saiyan Showdown

Broly, Brutality Beyond Measure

Whether you love or hate the Broly – Second Coming, one thing I think everyone agrees on is how brutal the fight between Gohan and Broly was. In the artwork of this card, you can almost feel Gohan’s pain as the colossus Broly bear hugs him. Being able to play this card for three energy will be extremely appealing to red players, as well as its ability to decrease a Battle Card’s power by -35000 and draw two cards, if you can discard another copy of this card from your hand. 

Forbidden Power

This Counter:Attack Extra Card will no doubt see a lot of play in yellow decks going into the future, as your opponent will only be able to attack one more time in the turn that it’s played. Being able to send a Battle Card to rest during your turn and giving one of your Battle Cards +10000 power will definitely be helpful also. 

The Dragon Ball Super CG: Saiyan Showdown set will include 292 different card types, 60 of which being commons (C), 38 Uncommon (UC), 30 Rares (R), 23 Super Rares (SR), 9 Special Rares (SPR) and for the first time, four Secret Rares (SCR). Like a lot of products released in the last two years, the release of the Saiyan Showdown set was delayed, which has resulted in sporadic releases worldwide, with the majority of regions receiving it on November 19th. 

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