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The full setlist for the Saiyan Showdown set has been revealed, just in time for its November 12th/19th (In most regions) release. Last week, the last SCR of the set was revealed to be Xeno Pan, which is the first time this variation of the character has appeared in the DBS CG. To celebrate the arrival of the newest Time Patroller, we have created a list of our top Pan cards in the TCG. 

Pan, Time Patrol Maiden

Let’s kick things off with the newest Pan card, Pan, ‘Time Patrol Maiden’. This card shows a grown-up Pan, who is slightly older than the Pan we saw in the Dragon Ball: GT series. As a homage to her GT timeline, Xeno Pan, first seen in the Dragon Ball Heroes CG, wears a bandana that is the same colour as her original headscarf. She is also wearing a red jacket with yellow detailing, just like the shirt she wore throughout the GT series.  Pan is one of the most popular females in the Dragon Ball series, so it is only fitting that she gets to join the other ‘Maidens’ within the DBS CG. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Pan

Fledgling Talent Pan

In the Dragon Ball Super series, we got to see the beginnings of a cute baby Pan. In the series, she showed some extraordinary powers for just an infant, but with a father like Gohan and a grandfather like Goku, can we really be surprised? At least she didn’t take after Hercule. Interestingly, this card has similar artwork to ‘Son Gohan, Momentary Awakening’, only in that card, her father to be has a very different temperament. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Pan

Pan, Proudest Daughter

Speaking of Hercule, Pan and her grandfather have connecting cards that came with the World Martial Arts Tournament. Watching Pan and a very proud Hercule enjoying the cheers of the fans is incredibly wholesome in these cards, with card effects that complement each other also. If you would like to take a look at some other cool looking connecting cards, check out our article – DBS CG – Merging Art cards (PT 1) – Ludkins Media.

Pan, Great Ape Whisperer

The full artwork of ‘Pan, Great Ape Whisperer’ is a tease of something fans have waited to see for years – Pan turning Super Saiyan. It is only a matter of time before this moment does occur for real. Could we see this happen in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, under the intense training of Piccolo?

Dragon Ball Super CG Pan

Pan / Pan Ready to Fight 

Pan got her first leader card in the Cross Worlds booster set that was released in March 2018. We have seen this illustration style before for Leaders cards, which makes the character look 3D and lifelike. This amplifies the fierce expression on Pan’s face while readying her deadliest attacks. 

Dragon Ball Super CG Pan

Fearless Pan

Just like her Grandfather Goku, Pan knows how to unleash an impressive energy blast. When the energy wave is almost bigger than the fighter’s body, you know they mean business! 

Son Goku & Pan

We have seen several cards where Pan is looking fierce and ready to fight. In the artwork of the ‘Son Goku & Pan’ Leader card, however, she isn’t looking so confident as her grandpa Goku transforms into a great ape. The artwork shows a completely different side of the girl, which has been captured brilliantly by the illustrator.

Players and collectors won’t have to wait much longer until they can get their hands on the Saiyan Showdown booster set and hopefully pull the newest Pan themed card. If you would like to learn more about this latest booster set, click on one of the links below. 

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