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Dragon Ball Super Special Booth exhibition

Covid-19 has delayed many large scale events around the world, and in the TCG communities, it’s been no different. Not only were tournaments postponed or cancelled, but conventions too. Well, it seems that the success Bandai has had implementing virtual tournaments has also inspired them to do the same when it comes to exhibiting their latest products, including the DBS CG.

The Dragon Ball Super ‘Special Booth’ is a virtual tour designed for the ‘Comic-Con @ Home’ event, using a series of 360° high-resolution photographs to create a virtual tour of the real-life ‘Special Booth’ constructed in Japan. Here, fans of the franchise can take a leisurely stroll around the mass of Dragon Ball products, all from the comfort of their own homes. What is more, those interested in buying any of the fantastic items on display can click on them to receive a purchase link. 

Dragon Ball Super Special Booth

Once you enter the interactive room, you are instantly greeted by life-size statues of the Z fighters and Bulma’s iconic bike from the original series. After the lobby, Dragon Ball fans can enter each section, which includes the history of the franchise, the artists and talent behind the series, the movies and video games, as well as a massive array of figures that can be purchased. 

Near the end of the Dragon Ball Super ‘Special Booth’ is the DBS CG table. In the display, cards from the upcoming Cross Spirits booster set can be seen, as well as the two new Starter Decks, Boost Pride of the Saiyans and Darkness Reborn. Further down is the Collector’s Selection Vol 1, a sleek-looking binder filled with 18 redesigned fan favourite cards that have a brand new texture and foil detailing. 

Dragon Ball Super Special Booth
Dragon Ball Super Special Booth

With the successful execution of the Special Booth, it is likely we will see more of these online-based exhibitions in the future. Bandai has also recently announced ‘DBS CG Direct’, which will be a series of videos showcasing the latest DBS CG products as well as behind the scenes footage. Just like the Dragon Ball Super Special Booth, this will be a great tool to communicate with fans online through a fun visual medium. 

If you would like to learn more about the Cross Spirits booster, and the new Spirit Boost keyword coming to the DBS CG, click on one of the articles below. 

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