Eevee Heroes – A closer look

Eevee Heroes, one of the most anticipated Japanese Pokemon TCG sets of the year releases on Friday. From worldwide pre-release demand to bot issues with preorders, this set has been in the news since its announcement at the start of the year. After images leaked on social media of the secret rares included in the set now seems like the right time to take a closer look at what to expect from Eevee Heroes.


An Eevee-focused set needs to start somewhere. This card ties into the rumours that Eevee Heroes will be included within the August English set, Evolving Skies. In this beautiful common card, Eevee looks onwards at the sky as Rayquaza flies overhead. If you saw our illustration this week, we played on this Eevee Heroes art to create an exciting journey towards October’s 25th Anniversary set.

Eeevee Heroes Art

Pikachu & Raichu

Just to add to the hype, the Pokemon company threw in a common Pikachu alongside a new design by Mitsuhiro Arita, holo Raichu. We often overlook the commons and regular holos in sets but both of these cards of one of the most popular evolution lines deserve to be talked about. Raichu in particular, alongside Rotom and Sewaddle, is the best holo card from the set bar none. 

Eevee Heroes Art

The regular V cards

Eevee Heroes has eight regular V cards representing one of each Eeveelution. The artwork is quite diverse between the cards and allows collectors to build up multiple variants of each of Eevee’s older siblings. Each card shows the Pokemon in their somewhat natural habitat and could be argued as far more appealing than previous 5ban Graphics V cards. The personal favourite here would be Leafeon, surrounded by Autumnal colours and a sense of movement that pairs up quite nicely with the art style.

The regular VMAX cards

Frustratingly, Eevee Heroes only includes four of the eight Eeveelutions in VMAX art forms this is due to the other four releasing as part of the VMAX Special Set. That means if you’re a fan of the Kanto Eeveelutions or Espeon then you’ll miss out on these cards from buying Eevee Heroes booster boxes alone. On top of that, Jolteon VMAX is a very useful competitive card for Japanese TCG players thanks to its free retreat cost and ability to damage your opponent’s bench using Max Thunderclap. 

The set does, however, include Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, and Umbreon in VMAX forms – we’ll talk about these further later on in this article. 

The V Alternate Art cards

This is where the magic happens. Eevee Heroes includes Alternate Art cards of every Eeveelution V. Similarly to previous sets with Calyrex and Urshifu, the illustrators here have created cards that tell incredible stories and make for far more compelling artworks in their own right than the regular V full arts we’re used to. Anyone that manages to collect all eight will have a fantastic collection to showcase. I wish there was an Eevee V just so the set could fit on a single page in my binder. 

The VMAX Alternate Art cards

The four VMAX cards included in the set all reappear within the secret rares with a rainbow version and an Alternate Art. Surprisingly, Sylveon and Glaceon stand out as the main chase cards here in my opinion. Both of these cards have Pokemon surrounding them from Vaporeon on Glaceon VMAX’s ribbons to Pikachu slipping on ice in front of Glaceon VMAX. Leafeon gives across farmer vibes as it rolls wheat in a field, definitely the most lacklustre of the four but I’m sure Leafeon fans will want this one for their collection. As for Umbreon, this will most likely end up being the overall chase card of the set and would look perfectly matched alongside the promo Espeon VMAX from the elusive Eeveelutions set.

There are many more cards in Eeevee Heroes, from Inteleon in gold to Turrfield Stadium from Sword & Shield. On paper, the set sells itself and is most likely the best Japanese release of the year so far. That being said, it’s almost impossible to find for a reasonable price come release day and the highly sought-after Eeveelutions Set is being sold on Facebook and eBay for over $600. It’s worth remembering with Japanese sets in particular that whilst it’s hard to purchase now, the Pokemon Company will continue to print and meet demands throughout the life span of this product. If Sun & Moon is anything to go by then these sets may be more accessible further down the line and I’d advise you not to pay over the odds just to get them early.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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