Eevee Heroes hype – Learning from history

Eevee heroes hype

The newest Japanese Pokemon card set, Eevee Heroes, was officially revealed this month. The first Eevee-focused set, the release is generating a large amount of interest from collectors, especially in the current era where newly released Pokemon sets are challenging to acquire at retail price due to overwhelming demand. Arguably the product that has generated the most hype is an “Eevee Heroes Special Set” which comes with two boxes of the set, a Special Art promo card of Espeon VMAX, and various other Eevee-related products. 

With preorders for the promo card already selling for $300, near triple the retail price of the entire set in Japan, collectors are questioning whether these high prices are to be expected or whether corrections will ensue once more supply is available.

Eevee Heroes Espeon VMAX

Thankfully, Japanese Pokemon cards and products have a long history of high demand and limited availability from which to learn from. Cards and products like the Illustration Grand Prix Charizard promo, Red’s Pikachu, and the Kanazawa Special Box have seen massive demand with initially limited availability. However, there is no consistent story that develops throughout these examples. With the Illustration Charizard and Red’s Pikachu, many copies of the promo were produced and availability was fairly consistent throughout the promotion period. With Red’s Pikachu, it took several years for the promo to rise significantly in price. Charizard has remained relatively stable since the promotional period ended a couple of months ago. This would indicate that Pokemon is driven to make these desired promo cards available to meet high levels of demand.

Eevee Heroes

 However, a more direct recent comparison may be the Kanazawa Special Box. Supposed to retail for around $50, the box included a three-card promo set including special reverse holo cards of Kanazawa’s Pikachu, Milotic, and Sobble. The box also contained packs from recent sets and some additional Kanazawa-themed items. This box sold out immediately, and many who had preordered the box had their orders canceled. A small reprint of the box was done, but prices remain high. With no indication of a further reprint, the three-card promo pack sells for over $300. 

While not as extreme as the Kanazawa Box, the Crobat V Shiny Box (a similar product featuring an exclusive promo and several packs of Shiny Star V) also has sold for well above retail price. Likely, producing single promotional cards like the Charizard and Red’s Pikachu is much easier than producing unique products like the Kanazawa Box.

One would anticipate that Pokemon is printing as many promo boxes as possible for Eevee Heroes, but this still may not be enough to meet the hype. Given the history of special boxes being hard to obtain and going for well above retail price, collectors who are interested in picking one up should probably buy sooner rather than later. A price of $300 for the promo may be excessive, but once a market price establishes itself upon release, collectors should jump on it if they wish to obtain the card. 

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