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Emissaries of Light – Black Waltz cards and Luneth revealed!

Square Enix has shared four more cards for the Emissaries of Light booster set releasing on April 15th. This time around, we get to see the three Black Waltzes from Final Fantasy IX which all have a uniform style of artwork, as well as the noble-looking Luneth, illustrated by esteemed FFTCG artist, Toshitaka Matsuda. 

Black Waltz – 

The three Black Waltzes are black mages created by Zorn and Thorn in Final Fantasy IX, to be used in the capture of Princess Garnet. In the franchise, they are far more powerful than normal black mages, which does mean that their life expectancy is considerably shorter! 

All three Black Waltz cards have been illustrated by Rubi Asami in a stained glass style that adds to the creepiness of these magical winged mages. These Black Waltz cards have three versions – normal, premium, and a premium full art, which has its borders removed. The premium version has its borders decorated in the same style as the character, which looks even better in the full art version. Different to other premium and full art versions, it is characters that shine with these cards instead of the backgrounds, which is a really nice touch. 

Emissaries of Light Black Waltz
Emissaries of Light Black Waltz
Emissaries of Light Black Waltz

Over on the Square Enix website,  illustrator Rubi Asami shared her thoughts on this series of cards – 

“The Black Waltzes are very memorable enemies from FFIX. I think they have many fans, but there aren’t many official illustrations of them, so I couldn’t decide how I wanted to portray them. While I was watching playthroughs and movies, I remembered enjoying certain scenes and felt like playing it over again from the beginning. That’s when inspiration hit me. I hope that gazing at the illustrations can bring back your own memories of the story.”

Luneth –

Luneth is the main protagonist of the Final Fantasy III remake and is one of the Warriors of Light. When he was a child, Luneth and his parents were involved in a crash while aboard Cid Haze’s airship. Although his parents died, Luneth survived and was later taken to Ur and was raised by Nina and elder Topapa. 

The portrait style artwork of Luneth, completed by Toshitaka Matsuda, is incredibly lifelike and is very reminiscent of oil paintings depicting royal figures throughout history. The sunlight bathing his cheek and highlighting the colour of his eye is a really nice feature of this piece and adds a lot of depth within the illustration. 

When speaking about his latest Emissaries of Light work, he said – 

“Luneth is a young man with a harsh fate who is embroiled in battle but refuses to give in. Instead, he faces everything with positivity and cheer. To capture that gentle yet strong image, I wanted him to gaze straight on with a small smile. However, Luneth is also a warrior who puts his life on the line, so I had him hold a sword at the bottom of the frame and included his characteristic garb behind it.

I wanted it to match the impression given off by the Refia card I illustrated previously. I drew them with varying touches, but I hope you can enjoy them as a whole.”

With just under a month before the release of the Emissaries of Light booster set, Square Enix has been slowly revealing cards from the upcoming set, giving an insight into what players and collectors can expect in the first half of 2022. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming FFTCG products, click here

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