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Emissaries of Light & Custom Starter Set live stream reveals!

In a recent live stream done on YouTube, Square Enix has shared some early details about the upcoming FFX Custom Starter Set and the Emissaries of Light booster set. Although English captions for the stream were switched off, we do have our first Japanese and English card reveals for the upcoming starter deck and set.

Emissaries of Light Booster Box

The next set coming to the FFTCG will be Emissaries of Light, which will continue the Crystal mechanic. As always, this set will bring protagonists from many mainline and spin-off Final Fantasy titles, which will allow players to include their favourites characters in their decks. This set will release on April 15th and will have an April 8th pre-release.

Emissaries of Light
Emissaries of Light

Custom Starter Set: Final Fantasy X

This custom starter deck, releasing on February 25th, is the first of its kind, consisting of 1 preconstructed deck of 50 cards and an extra 50 cards that can be used to customise the deck to fit any player’s style. The initial deck is a Wind/Water one that can be turned into a Fire/Wind or Fire/Water, using the extra cards provided. 

Wind & Water Deck Cards –

Emissaries of Light

Wind & Fire Deck Cards –

Emissaries of Light

A Discord Tournament, dubbed “Ruler of the Crystal”, was also announced during the live stream, with two card sleeves up for grabs as participation rewards. With that being said, Square Enix does mention in the stream that only the top players of the ”Home Master Battle” can take part and that no matter how many times you enter, the prizes are still restricted to one per person. 

To learn more about the upcoming FF TCG products, check out our article here. To keep up to date with all the latest FF TCG products, news and market updates, make sure to follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to take a look at other incredible cards in the game, head over to Anthos, the ultimate database for everything Final Fantasy TCG.

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