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EX03: Draconic Roar – Trial of the Great Dragons

Tomorrow, the third English EX set, Draconic Roar, will be released.  While EX sets are much smaller than main sets, Draconic Roar will include several new archetypes. One of these new chains is based on the legendary ‘Trial of the Great Dragons’. The four great dragons, who make up the group, have been mentioned throughout several Digimon video games. According to Digimon legend, the only way to obtain Slayerdramon’s form is to complete the Trial of the Great Dragons.

The Trial of the Four Great Dragons Option is an important aspect of this deck, which lets you play any ‘Four Great Dragons’ cards from your hand without paying its cost. Afterwards, however, that Digimon cannot digivolve to level 7 and is deleted at the end of your opponent’s turn. Although that might not sound that good, the attacking effect of Goldramon uses the great dragons in your trash. The Agumon Inherited effect is handy, offering a draw mechanic for the Trial of the Great Dragons deck. 

Veedramon allows you to search for a ‘Dramon’ card and a ‘Four Great Dragons’ card from the top 4 cards of your deck. The Inherited Effect gives your ‘Four Great Dragons’ Rush, which will be helpful for those played by the effect of the Trial of the Four Great Dragons Option card, letting them attack before they are sent to the trash.

Trial of the Great Dragons may have a high play cost of 8, but AeroVeedramon will give you a way of playing one for free from your hand. AeroVeedramon will also gain Blocker if you have another Digimon with the ‘Four Great Dragons’ trait, or the Trial of the Great Dragons Option card, in play. In fact, it gives all your other ‘Four Great Dragons’ Digimon Blocker also. 

Magnadramon strips your opponent’s Digimon’s Security Attack by -1 when played, which is increased to -3 if you used the Trial of the Four Great Dragon Option card to play it. When it is deleted, you can play the Trial of the Four Great Dragon Option card from your hand, offering another way of getting the 8-cost Option card out for free. 

Goldramon has a great way to recycle a ‘Four Great Dragons’ card from your trash to the hand, which will give you another Digimon to play for free with the Trial of the Four Great Dragon effect, which will be deleted after your opponent’s turn. Although reducing an opponent’s Digimon by -6000DP is a nice attacking effect, It’s the secondary effect that really packs a punch. This deck works by having your Four Great Dragons going in and out of the trash. If you happen to have the other three dragons, Magnadramon, Azulongmon and Megidramon in the trash, you get to trash the top 2 cards of your opponent’s security stack, which could be a finishing blow.

Fatal Flame not only knocks a massive chunk of DP from an opponent’s Digimon, but also allows you to recycle a ‘Four Great Dragons’ card from your trash. This is incredibly useful for this deck, as you can also play it straight away if you use the ‘Trial of the Four Great Dragons’ Option card, or have one on the Battle Area that you can use with Delay. 

The new Angewomon is not as flexible as previous ones, as all of its effects work with the Trial of the Four Great Dragons arcetypes. When Digivolving, the player can play the Option card for free from their hand. When Trial of the Four Great Dragons or a Digimon which has ‘Four Great Dragons’ in its traits are placed in the Battle Area, one of your opponent’s Digimon loses -3000 DP for the turn. This Once per turn effect gets passed on after Digivolving, thanks to its Inherited effect. 

None Yellow ‘ Four Great Dragons’ –

The two none yellow cards coming with the Draconic Roar booster will be Azulongmon and Megidramon. When this Digimon is played, the player gets to draw two cards and gain +2 Memory, if Trial of the Four Great Dragons is in play. This is a nice way to replenish your hand and open up more opportunities when it comes to spending your Memory. If you don’t have a Trial of the Four Great Dragons Option card in play, you can play one from your hand for free. 

Megidramon, which also counts as ChaosGallantmon, deletes a level 5 Digimon as soon as it’s played, which is increased to level 6 if you have a Trial of the Four Great Dragons in play. When this Digimon is deleted, not all is lost, as you get to play a Trial of the Four Dragons from your hand for free.

The third EX set of the Digimon Card Game, Draconic Roar, is set to hit shelves on November 11th for most English regions. To keep up to date with the latest Digimon Card Game releases and updates, as well as all other TCG news, make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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