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FF TCG – Cards to look out for in Opus XIV

Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss is now available, introducing fantastic new cards based on fan favourite characters, as well as new artwork illustrated by some of the best artists in the Final Fantasy franchise. With the wait almost over, we wanted to share with you the cards we are most excited for.


Rubi Asani should be patting herself on the back for this full art Vaan card, which is, in our opinion, is the best looking card of Opus XIV. The colours and detailing of Vaan are extremely eye-catching, the background is subtle and dreamlike, and the pencilled banner makes you forget you’re looking at a TCG card. This full foil Legend will most certainly be a chase card for collectors and players alike, especially for those with a fondness for Sky Pirates.

Opus XIV Cards

Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl

Fans of the magical Primals from Final Fantasy XIV will be excited to see 17 new cards coming with Opus XIV. Although all of these cards look great, our favourite eikons showing up in this set are Ifrit the Primal of the Amalj’aa, Shiva from the main scenario of XIV: A Realm Reborn and the adorable Good King Moggle Mog XII. 

TCG Player is already posting Opus XIV singles, with the most expensive one you can buy (so far) being ‘Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl’. The value of this card reflects its versatility and board clearing potential in play. 

Opus XIV Cards

Cloud & Tifa 

Cloud has and always will be the most popular character of the Final Fantasy franchise. This is why practically any card based on him becomes instantly sought after by fans, collectors and players. This newest addition stands out against all the others because of its heavy manga appearance and Cloud’s wild stance. 

It is only fitting that Opus XIV should come with a new Tifa card to accompany Cloud. This card was first revealed in the Pre-Release kit and depicts an instantly recognisable scene from Final Fantasy VII. 

Opus XIV Cards

These cards are just a small snippet of what Opus XIV has to offer. To learn more about this incredible set, head over to Anthos, the ultimate database for everything FF TCG related.

Crystal Abyss will be the last set to have the Opus number printed on the box, as Square Enix believes it will make the TCG more welcoming for new players. To learn more about the upcoming Crystal Dominion set and to take a sneak preview of the new card art, click here. To keep up to date with all Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss updates, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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