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FF TCG Crystal Abyss Card Previews

Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss will be the 14th set in the Final Fantasy TCG. Although the next exciting chapter in the game was announced a few months ago, Square Enix has only recently revealed some of the cards being included in this set. In this article, we take a look at these new cards and share our thoughts on them. 

Mjrn [14-053R]

The first four cards in this article are all brand new artworks designed especially for the FF TCG. Mjrn has been illustrated by Ryoma Ito, an artist who is well known for his character development in FF video game titles such as Final Fantasy IX, X and XII, as well as Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Dimensions II. 

This is the first time Mjrn has appeared in the FF TCG, along with her sister Jote. This card works with the other Viera sister Fran, which is a nice touch for fans of FINAL FANTASY XII. 

FF TCG Crystal Abyss

Jote [14-054R]

The new Jote card, also appearing for the first time along with her sister Mjrn, has been illustrated by Ryoma Ito. This was a good decision, as when the cards are placed side by side, they create a nice family portrait which is just missing Fran. The mostly colourless comic book style of these two cards look really nice and will no doubt be a welcomed addition to a collection. 

FF TCG Crystal Abyss

Ifrita [14-002R]

Artist Yasuhisa Izumisawa has done an incredible job at creating the visuals for this beautiful Ifrita card. When sharing his thoughts on the card, he said that he purposely chose to give her a slight smile, which contrasts the usual scowl she has in the World of Final Fantasy video game. This card deals 7000 damage to a Forward, as well as searches for another Ifrita, which is then placed in your hand. 

FF TCG Crystal Abyss

Shivalry [14-029R]

Another card done in Yasuhisa Izumisawa’s instantly recognisable style, Shivalry has a discard effect which is rare for Ice cards.This card’s effect can be a little tricky to pull off, but if you do, you can force your opponent to discard a card. Shivalry has been designed to look like a character from a Japanese live-action superhero show, known as Tokusatsu, which really pays off in this heroic-looking pose. 

Gilgamesh (FFBE) [14-023L]

Being a recurring character in a lot of Final Fantasy media, as well as having a number of cards in the FF TCG, Gilgamesh holds the record for having the most appearances throughout the entire FF franchise, compared to any other character. This Gilgamesh card will definitely work in certain decks, especially for tri-element decks. 

Garland [14-007L]

This Garland card not only looks incredible but also has some crazy effects that will spice things up. First of all, if this card is dealt damage by a Summon or an ability, the damage becomes 0. It also allows you to draw a card if a Backup goes to the Break Zone. Finally, if this card Breaks a Forward, whether it is yours or your opponent’s, they have to choose a Backup and send it to the Break Zone also. 

Shinryu [14-115L]

In the safe hands of Toshitaka Matsuda, there is arguably no better choice of illustrator when it comes to capturing the intimidating and ferocious nature of one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic dragons. Shinryu enters the field in style by dealing 10000 damage to all of the 3,6 and 9 cost Forwards. Also, each turn, you get to check the top card of your opponent’s deck. If it is a Forward card, all of their Foward cards in play lose 7000 power until the end of the turn. If it is not a Forward, you also benefit by drawing 2 cards instead. 

Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss will release on August 6th worldwide. If you would like to see more cards coming with this new set, like the special box topper card coming with each sealed booster box, head over to our article – FF TCG: Opus XIV Box Topper Revealed. To take a look at the pre-release kit releasing a week before the release of Crystal Abyss, click here

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