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FF TCG – Crystal Dominion Market Watch

With the exciting announcement that the next Set in the FF TCG will be Rebellion’s Call, which will release this summer alongside a brand new two-player starter deck, we take a look at the market landscape of Crystal Dominion and see which cards are achieving the highest values within the most recent booster. 

Terra – Full Art

The full art Terra card is the most valuable card of the set, with the last copies sold on eBay going for $153, $140 and $135 between December 18th and December 30th. Over on TCG Player, December saw an average value of $100, although January brought higher values of $120.

Crystal Dominion

Celes – Full Art

Celes is the most valuable Hero card of the Crystal Dominion set, which has seen a healthy increase in value since its release on November 26th. On TCG Player, this card has gone from a $50 value to an average of $85 by the end of December. eBay has had a more limited number of sales, with the last copies, that sold in December, going for between $54 and $90.

Ashe – Full Art Reprint

The Ashe card included in the Crystal Dominion set is a full art reprint of the one that came with Opus X that was released in 2019. This card has seen a decrease in value since the release of the set, selling for an average of $50 at the beginning of December and settling around $35.

Crystal Dominion

Yiazmat – Full Art Reprint

Another full art that is at the higher end of the market for the Crystal Dominion set, Yiazmat EX first came with Opus IX, which was also released in 2019. Sales for this card have been quite limited since its release. Throughout December, this card was selling for $50 on both eBay and TCG Player but has since dropped between $32 and $40. 

Crystal Dominion

Kytes & Filo – Full Arts

The full art Kytes has stayed at a steady value of around $35 since the release of the set, with the latest copy to sell on eBay going for $40 after the buyer accepted a best offer. Filo has been selling for around the same price, having a value of $40 in November but then dropping to an average of $35 throughout December. 

Crystal Dominion

Robel-Akbel, Firion, Ace, Brynhildr and Mind Flayer – Full Arts

The Robel-Akbel card has also managed to hold onto its initial release value of between $30 and $35 on both eBay and TCG Player, with Firion sharing a similar value. The full art Ace is currently worth $30, while Brynhildr has gone from being a $30 card to being worth between $16 and $21. Mind Flayer had dropped from $35 to $25 by mid-December, rose slightly to $27 by the end of that month and then dropped right down to $22 by January. 

Crystal Dominion
Crystal Dominion

The next set in the FF TCG will be Rebellion’s Call, which will grow the FF TCG universe by introducing characters from the Japanese mobile game Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII. Legacy cards will make an appearance in this set, with popular cards getting the premium full-art treatment. This set, as well as the brand new two-player starter deck Golbez VS Cecil, will release in July. 

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