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FF TCG – How to get started in the game

Whether you want to start collecting FF TCG cards or are interested in building a deck to play competitively, It’s never too late to start. The FF TCG allows fans of the Final Fantasy video game series to collect and play with their favourite characters. Although the thought of catching up on 14 sets may seem daunting, there are a few things you can learn to help you get straight into the action! 

 Which is the best starter deck to start off ? 

Buying a double-deck set like Villains and Heroes or Shadowbringers is a good idea because the cards included will help you build a good deck with mechanics that won’t be too complicated. If you want a single starter deck ready to go,  IX, X, and Type-0 are all solid choices. There isn’t really a clear power gap between FF TCG starter decks, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing an older deck that won’t keep up with the more recent ones.

For those planning on taking play seriously, a good piece of advice would be to choose a playstyle rather than sticking with a particular category or element. There are some fantastic control, aggro, midrange, and combo decks that can be made in every combination. 

How to get started in the FF TCG

When starting out, using a ‘netdeck’ copied from a website like will help you build a tried and tested deck that will perform well. This will help you understand healthy deck ratios and strategies, rather than falling into the trap that many new players do and blindly building a deck with problems that you don’t know how to patch up. Always remember, understanding how a good deck works is a far better lesson than repeatedly making decks and hoping you hit gold. 

If you are primarily entering the game to play, then buying singles would be a far better way to complete your decklist. It would be a more cost-efficient way to get the cards you need, rather than buying boosters and hoping to pull the cards. Of course, if you want to build up your collection, boosters will help fill out your binder. 

The Yuna Young Team is a fantastic YouTube channel to learn about the current meta decks and to get some other interesting tips. To learn more about the best competitive cards currently in the game, check out our article here

Best Opus For Collectors – 

If you are just beginning your collection, you may be deciding which booster set to start off with. The great thing about the FF TCG is that boosters are usually always available, which means that prices for any specific Opus don’t usually skyrocket (unless distribution issues happen, like in the case of Opus XI at the end of February). This means that you get to choose whatever Opus you want without worrying about the price. With that being said, Opuses I, II and III are better for those new to the FF TCG, as they have a more generic spread, which you can build upon once you get started. The artwork of the first three sets, Opus I in particular,  are also quite iconic. From a player’s perspective, there are cards in these early sets that are still relevant in the current game. Opus IX, XI and XII have some valuable Legend cards to track down, such as the full art Gabranth (9-063L), Meia (9-095L), Tifa (11-071L), Cloud (11-127L) and the full art Shantotto (1-107L) reprint. 

How to get started in the FF TCG

Different Opuses include characters from different games, so the first thing you will want to do is decide what you want to collect. If you want to start with characters from a specific game or the artwork of a specific artist, sourcing singles will be cheaper than buying booster boxes. If you intend on completing an entire Opus set, then buying boosters will be the way to go. Sometimes you can find people selling entire sets on eBay, although the price will have to be weighed up against the price of the boosters you would buy. 

For many, it is opening boosters and chasing cards that make the game exciting. If you were to pull something you didn’t care about, you could always sell it on and use the profits to buy a card you want to add to your collection. If opening booster packs sound better to you, make sure you do your homework and find out which Opus has the cards you want, to save any disappointment. To learn more about the rarest cards in the game, check out our article looking at the rarest cards in FF TCG.

Remember to protect your cards –

Purchasing a binder, penny sleeves and some deck protectors is very important, especially if you are buying multiple boosters or intend on playing with your cards. If you pull foils, you can put them straight into the binder or double up the protection by putting them in a penny sleeve first. Cards left unprotected can be easily damaged, which will greatly affect their value. For top tips on how to protect your FF TCG cards once you get started, click here

The Final Fantasy TCG has a very active community, with many knowledgeable people happy to answer any questions you may have. Joining groups on Facebook, especially ones local to you, is a fantastic way to meet new people to trade and play with when local stores open back up. 

To learn more about the history of the FF TCG and the Japanese game that came before it, check out our article – The History of Final Fantasy TCG – A Phoenix From the Ashes.

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