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FF TCG – new Starter Set revealed

FF TCG Starter

Square Enix has revealed the next Starter Set to join the ranks of the FF TCG. These decks will feature characters from the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which had its first part released in April last year, with the second part slated for a June release.  The two preconstructed decks are the Avalanche Deck, which has a Fire/Earth focus, and the Shinra Deck, which is an Ice/Lightening deck focusing on the shady characters of the Shinra Electric Power Company. 

As seen before in similar sets, these FF TCG starter decks are ready for two players to pick up straight away and get into the action. Both decks will have 50 cards in them, including 15 brand new Starter cards (three copies of five different kinds of cards). As the Decks are based on the  Final Fantasy VII Remake, characters like Cloud, Rufus and Reno will be making an appearance. In fact, the Avalanche Deck will come with a full art version of Cloud (15-139S), which has been exceptionally rendered, appearing as he does in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the Shinra Deck, you will get a full art version of President Shinra’s son, Rufus (15-140S).

FF TCG Starter

The Avalanche Deck will include Jessie (15-132S), Wedge (15-131S), Biggs (15-134S), Barret (15-133S), and of course, Cloud (15-139S). The Shinra Deck will include Tseng (15-135S), Reno (15-138S), Rude [15-137S], President Shinra [15-136S] and Rufus [15-140S].

FF TCG Starter

The release date for this brand new FF TCG starter set is slated for October 22nd, 2021, although that date could change. To learn more about the most current set, Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance, check out our article here

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