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FF TCG: A closer look at Opus XIII – Crystal Radiance


The newest instalment in the Final Fantasy TCG releases today with Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance. 24 of the cards included in this new set are stunning full-art versions, which will no doubt make them more appealing to collectors and players. Also, there are a number of new multi-element Forwards, which were first seen in Opus XII: Crystal Awakening, these will offer players more strategic options when building their decks.

With plenty of fantastic new cards coming into the game, including those based on ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ releasing for the first time, let’s take a look at some of the best cards coming with Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance. 

Legacy Cards – 

Once again, more Legacy Cards are arriving in the FF TCG, bringing back some of the most powerful cards from past Opuses. ‘Vivi [3-017L]’, ‘Fina [8-060L]’ and ‘Fusoya [9-094L]’ are the next cards to get a Legacy version. Like the previous Legacy cards, some collectors will be keen to add these three to their current collection. 

Legend Cards –

Sophie (13-119L)

One card that seems to have caught the attention of many fans is the multi-element Legend, Sophie. She was originally a character from Mobius Final Fantasy, which was an episodic role-playing for mobile devices. Players may choose to use ‘Cloud of Darkness’, ‘Viking’ ‘Leila’ and ‘Lenna’  from Opus III, to make Sophie even more powerful. 

Akstar (13-002L)

‘Akstar’ is a main character of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game, who appears during Season Two. The eccentric and insightful ‘Akstar’ is a fan favourite and will be making his FF TCG debut with this card. For players using ‘Akstar’, you will want to take damage, so that you can play ‘Akstar’ for any value. You can do this by using self-damage cards like ‘Sabin’ or ‘Kuja’. 

Agrias (13-085R)

Another card coming with Opus XIII is Agrias. The artwork of this card has been done in the familiar manga style seen with many Opus I cards, with the same card image faded behind the Agrias at the forefront.  

Llednar (13-108L)

First seen in card form in Opus IV, a new ‘Llednar’ Legend is coming in the latest set. Many people will find  Ryoma Ito’s sketched/water-colour style of artwork really beautiful and will want to make sure they get one for their collection. 


New Archfiends

Archfiend fans will be getting some brand new versions of those released in Opus II. These Include Rubicante (13-016H), Barbariccia (13-047H), Scarmiglione (13-059H), Cagnazzo (13-091H) and Golbez (13-115L). What is really nice about these new Archfiends is that they reference the art of the Opus II cards while still being original.  

Kunshira (13-114H)

Like Akstar, Kunshira is a character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. This Wind/Lightning Forward shows the Natura like never before, with some seriously colourful and detailed art.  


Hope (13-109R)

Hope Estheim, from Final Fantasy XIII, will be getting his 4th iteration in Opus XIII. The art style of Hope sticks closely to the CGI graphics of the game, just like Hope (1-082R) that came out in Opus I and the Hero Hope (4-068H) that came out in Opus IV. This card is a combination of the Wind and Ice elements and has a great way to Activate your cards in play.

Laguna (13-031R)

In FF TCG: Opus XIII, Laguna will be getting a new art style that directly references Laguna (1-059R) from Opus I. Laguna will definitely be a top pick for Ice decks, as he has some fantastic abilities to dull and freeze your opponent’s characters. 


These are just some of the fantastic cards arriving with Opus XIII, with many more making up the set. While collectors will be keen to add some of these cards to their collection, many competitive players will be happy to get their hands on new cards that continue to make older cards relevant when it comes to the current Meta. 

If you are curious to learn about the rarest and most expensive cards in the game, head over to our article – A look at the rarest cards in FF TCG.

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