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FF TCG: OPUS XIII – Premium Full Art Cards

This weekend, the latest set in the Final Fantasy TCG, Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance, was released. As well as some seriously incredible and beautiful looking cards, Square Enix included a number of Premium Full Art cards that show off the incredible talents of the illustrators to their fullest potential. Below, we have chosen one of our favourite cards from each FF TCG artist who worked on the Premium Full Art cards.

Odin By Gen Kobayashi 

The Odin full art premium card, illustrated by Gen Kobayashi, has incredible depth. This is thanks to the unfocused steed, Sleipnir, being at the forefront while Odin is seen far behind him, ready to ruthlessly chop down his prey. 

FF TCG Premium Full Art Cards

Leo By Yasuhisa Izumisawa 

Choosing just one card by Yasuhisa Izumisawa is a difficult one. If there was a 52 card set designed in the same ‘traditional playing card’ style, I’m sure it would be wildly popular. In this Premium Full Art card, Leo is themed as the king playing card, with the image reversed on the lower half. 

FF TCG Premium Full Art Cards

Shara By Ryoma Ito

Ryoma Ito’s art style is one of the most iconic in the FF TCG. In this Premium Full Art card, we see the sketched portrait of Shara against a simple watercolour background, with the vibrant eyes seen in much of Ito’s work.

FF TCG Premium Full Art Cards

Barbariccia By Akira Oguro 

The return of the Archfiend cards in Opus XIII is a much welcomed one, which have arrived with some brand new artistic representations. Barbariccia appears dominating and haunting, which is fitting for the fiend associated with the Wind element. 

Cid Haze By Toshitaka Matsuda

Toshitaka Matsuda has a gift for capturing FF TCG characters in great detail while colouring them with soft blends. The background of the Cid Haze Premium Full Art card is slightly different to Matsuda’s other work, as it has a detailed Sepia sketch of the airship from Final Fantasy III.  

To learn more about the work of this talented illustrator, check out our article – The Art of FF TCG – Toshitaka Matsuda

Onion Knight  By Miki Yamashita

The Dissidia series bought the Onion Knight, who is regarded as a separate entity to the Onion Knight job class. The full art version of this Premium card clearly shows the armour and Serpent Sword of the Bladewielder in all their glory. 

There are 21 Premium ‘full art’ cards included within this set. If you would like to see the other cards not included in this article, head over to the post uploaded by Square Enix here. To learn more about the other cards in the Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance set, head over to our article – A closer look at Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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