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FF TCG: Opus XIV Box Topper Revealed

On Thursday, Square Enix has shared their first FF TCG Opus XIV ‘Card of the Week’ on their official website, revealing one of the brand new cards arriving in the Crystal Abyss set, which will also come as a box topper.


Barret [14-121L] will not only be found in boosters but will also be included as a Premium Foil Full-Art box topper, which will be given to those who purchase an entire display booster box. This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of collectors, who won’t have to track down this Full-Art card.

Barret is a formidable Forward with 9000 Power but does cost 4CP to play. It is a Fire/Earth multi-element card with the AVALANCHE Operative job. One of the three abilities of this card reduces all damage done to it if it is less than its own Power. 

Another card we know that is coming with Opus XIV is ‘Tifa [PR-097/14-120H]’, which will be part of the Pre-Release kit. Sixty premium quality deck protectors, displaying Toshitaka Matsuda’s artwork of Omega, will also be included in the kit that is available from July 31st when the Pre-Release period begins. 


Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss will arrive on August 6th and will be the last set to get an Opus number connected to the box art. Although the future set will just be called ‘Crystal Dominion‘, the set number will still be included within the identification code of each card.

To learn more about FF TCG Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss, check out our article here. If you would like to take a look at the Crystal Dominion sample images shared by Square Enix, you can click here

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