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FF TCG set reveal – Crystal Dominion

Now that It’s been a few weeks since the release of Opus XIII, Crystal Radiance, it is now time to get excited about a brand new chapter in the FF TCG. The Crystal Dominion set will bring brand new artwork, characters and exciting changes to the game.  Square Enix has shared an update about the upcoming Crystal Dominion set, which shows the direction they plan on taking the FF TCG. For the first time in the game, Crystal Dominion will not get an ‘Opus’ number connected to it. The decision to take away the Opus title, which has been part of the packaging since the very beginning, is to prevent new players from feeling alienated by the high numbers and feeling discouraged by the prospect of catching up on 14 sets.

FF TCG Crystal Dominion

Another new feature that will change the FF TCG is the introduction of ‘Crystals’, which is a new cost system that works separately from Crystal Points (CP). Cards will use abilities to gain more ‘Crystals’ to bolster their forces further. Square Enix suggest using dice or counters to keep on top of the Crystals you have gathered. Two kinds of premium version ‘Crystal’ cards will also arrive with Crystal Dominion, which can be used in play.

Premium full art Legacy cards will return in this set, which includes – Ace (9-003L), Yiazmat (9-057L), and Ashe (10-106L). In this set, 130 of the cards are normal and 166 of them are Premium, 24 of which will be full art variations. 

FF TCG Crystal Dominion
FF TCG Crystal Dominion
FF TCG Crystal Dominion

The new FF TCG set, Crystal Dominion, is scheduled for a November 26th release, although that could change if the distribution or manufacture is disrupted. If you would like to keep up to date with all future FF TCG sets, as well as top tips and news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram and Facebook

If you would like to learn more about the most recent set, Crystal Radiance, check out our article – OPUS XIII: Premium Full Art Cards.

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