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FFTCG – 2022 products delayed

Throughout 2021, most TCGs were affected by the distribution issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, it seems that those problems are passing into 2022 with Square Enix sharing an updated release schedule showing a number of product delays including the first booster set of the year, Emissaries of Light, and the Anniversary Collection.

In order of release, the first delay will affect the Custom Starter Set: Final Fantasy X, but only for those in North America. Square Enix hasn’t provided the exact date change, however,  only stating that it will be ‘Slight’. For everyone else, the original February 25th launch still stands. The Final Fantasy X is a custom starter deck is the first of its kind, consisting of 1 preconstructed deck of 50 cards and an extra 50 cards that can be used to customise the deck to fit any player’s style. The initial deck is a Wind/Water one that can be turned into a Fire/Wind or Fire/Water. 

FFTCG product delays
FFTCG product delays

The Emissaries of Light Booster set has been pushed back from its initial March 25th release date to April 15th. This means that the pre-release weekend has also had to move, which now starts on April 9th. The Emissaries of Light booster set, which will continue the new Crystal mechanic first introduced with Crystal Dominion, will bring more protagonists from the many mainline and spin-off Final Fantasy titles.

The 2022 Anniversary Collection now has a revised release date of May 27th, which is an almost three-week delay from its initial May 5th launch. The Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Set 2022 will include an impressive 200 reprints, including three premium full-art versions of Yuna & Tidus [PR-111]. All of the reprints are cards that are often used in play, with many of them being staples in competitive decks. 

FFTCG product delays

The newest two-player starter deck to enter the FFTCG in 2022, Golbez VS Cecil, will not be delayed, keeping its original July 15th release date for the time being. The first of these decks is a Fire/Earth one based on Golbez and his manipulated minions, while the other is a Lightning/Water deck focusing on the paladin Cecil.15 extra cards will be included with each deck, allowing players to customise the decks to their own style.

Rebellion’s Call, the FFTCG’s second booster of 2022, has also been delayed but only by a week. It now officially launches on August 15th, following the pre-release weekend kicking off on August 6th. Rebellion’s Call will include characters from the Japanese mobile game Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII. Legacy cards will feature in this set, with popular cards getting the premium full-art treatment.

If you would like to learn more about the latest booster set, Crystal Dominion, you can read more here. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the FFTCG market and specific card values, you can check out our links below – 

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