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FFTCG: Anniversary Collection Set 2022 delayed in Europe and UK

Over the last couple of years, we have seen several delays within the FFTCG. In February, we got the news that the Custom Starter Set: Final Fantasy X, the recently released Emissaries of Light booster and the upcoming Rebellion’s Call set would all be pushed back a week or two due to logistic issues brought on by the pandemic. Now, the release of the anticipated Anniversary Collection Set 2022 has been affected in Europe and the UK, having its initial May 27th release date pushed back to June 24th, despite already being pushed back three weeks from the original May 5th launch. 

FFTCG  Anniversary Collection
FFTCG  Anniversary Collection

The Anniversary Collection Set 2022 includes a 50-card Fire/Water deck, which will include three new promo cards, with three copies of each in it. This includes Yuna [PR-109], Lightning [PR-110] and Squall [PR-108], whose artwork will appear on the front of the Anniversary Collection Set 2022. Including the deck, this set will include 12 kinds of Legend cards. The deck alone will include three Legend cards, with two copies of each. One will be a standard card, while the other will be a standard full art version. 

The Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Set 2022 will include an impressive 200 reprints, including three premium full art versions of Yuna & Tidus [PR-111]. All of the reprints are cards that are often used in play, with many of them being staples in competitive decks. The other Legend cards in the set will get a standard and a full art standard version, including Golbez [1-135L], Y’shtola [5-068L], Gabranth [9-063L], Rinoa [6-041L], Zidane [6-044L], Fusoya [9-094L], Ritz [911-063L], Shantotto [1-107L] and Diabolos [5-062L].

FFTCG  Anniversary Collection

This set will be a fantastic way for new players to enter the TCG, who are not familiar with the old Opuses. This was a point brought up by Square Enix at the official Tokyo Game Show stream, who also stressed that there will be some nice cards for advanced players. If you would like to check out the full card list for the Anniversary Collection Set 2022, head over to the Square Enix website.

For the rest of the world, Anniversary Collection Set 2022 is still set for a May 27th release date, although that could always change. It is unknown when distribution for FFTCG products will become more reliable, as these kinds of logistic issues are not just limited to Trading Card Games.  

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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