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FFTCG Card Profile: Cloud 14-065L

It’s no secret that Cloud is one of the most popular characters in the entire Final Fantasy series. As a result, any Cloud cards that enter the FFTCG always skyrocket to the higher end of the market. One such example of this is the full art Cloud 14-065L that came with Opus XIV which was released on August 6th 2021. 

The Full Art Cloud 14-065L is currently the most valuable card in the Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss set. This is down to a number of reasons, which include its pull rate, playability and the character. What also makes this card incredibly popular is the originality of its ferocious manga-style artwork, which stands out among other Cloud cards. This Legend was illustrated by Lisa Fujise, who is also working on the upcoming free-to-play mobile game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which is scheduled for a 2022 release despite no release date being given. It is likely we will see more pieces from this artist in the future, which will hopefully depict similar wild and unique scenes.

The regular version of this card has been selling for around $14 on eBay, with a similar value over on TCG Player. In January, a BGS 9.5 copy of the standard version went for $240. On August 3rd 2021, during the pre-release period, a full art Cloud – 14-065L sold for $300. This sale seemed to establish the early market price, as another sold after it on August 8th for $300 also. Two weeks into the set, however, that price dipped to around $190 on TCG Player and eBay. Seven months later, this card sits with a firm value of $140 on TCG Player with the latest sale on eBay going for $171 on March 5th. This is an increase when compared with the sales seen in February, with two copes selling for $144 and $162

Although there are next to no public sales of this graded card, there is a PSA 10 copy currently listed with an asking price of $1500. Considering that there are only eight copies of this full art in the PSA population, with seven of them achieving PSA 10s, it will be interesting to see if this copy sells or if a lower offer is accepted. 

Cloud - 14-065L

Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss was the last set to have the Opus number printed on the box, as Square Enix believes it will make the TCG more welcoming for new players. Since then, players and collectors have been enjoying the Crystal Dominion booster, which introduced new Crystal mechanics. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming Emissaries of Light set releasing on April 15th, check out our articles below – 

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