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FFTCG: Emissaries of Light first glimpse – Kirin and the Shijin

On April 15th, the next booster set in the FFTCG will release. Emissaries of Light will continue the Crystal mechanic that was introduced in Opus XIV. This set will once again rally the protagonists of main and spin-off Final Fantasy titles, allowing players to reinforce their decks with their favourite characters. Among the latest cards to be revealed for this set is Kirin and the four Shijins. 


Toshitaka Matsuda has done a phenomenal job of designing Kirin, with the full art doing the piece even more justice. The detail the legendary Final Fantasy artist has gone into is impressive, right down to individual hairs of its face and the patterns covering its body. 

Emissaries of Light Kirin

Kirin’s immunity to being Dulled can come in handy in certain situations. Fitting within the game lore and the cards we will show you below, Kirin powers the four Shijin Forwards by +1000 power. Kirins final ability allows you to play a 4 cost (no less) Forward after looking at the top five cards of your deck, which means you can play one of the Shijins, as they have that specific cost. 

Shijins – Suzaku, Seiryu, Byakko and Genbu 

The Four creatures under the control of Kirin, the four Shijins all have the same cost and power. All of the cards have extremely similar field and auto abilities, although there are some differences between each one. 

Emissaries of Light Kirin
Emissaries of Light Kirin

What is really cool about the Shijin is that they actually come from Chinese mythology, being the four celestial emblems of the Chinese Emperor dating back to the 2nd century BC. Each of the four creatures has a corresponding colour, virtue, and colour, and relates to different parts of the night’s sky and star constellations. The four emblems were introduced in Japan in the 7th century AD, with their images found carved into the walls of the Takamatsuzuka tomb. Seeing Final Fantasy’s depiction of Kirin and his Shijin within FFTCG is exciting, following their debut in Final Fantasy XI.

On April 8th, a week before the release of the Emissaries of Light Booster Box on April 15th, fans will get the chance to acquire the pre-release kit for this set. This will include Nine Emissaries of Light Booster Packs, an exclusive pre-release promo card and exclusive pre-release sleeves. If you would like to get involved with this, get in contact with your local game stores. 

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