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FFTCG: Emissaries of Light first glimpse – Luso & Aerith

The next set coming to the FFTCG will be Emissaries of Light, which will continue the Crystal mechanic. As always, this set will bring protagonists from many mainline and spin-off Final Fantasy titles, which will allow players to include their favourites characters in their decks. Although news about this set has been quiet since its initial announcement, we now have our first glimpse of the FFTCG: Emissaries of Light booster. 

Luso – 

Luso [16-020L] will be one of the two Fire Legend cards coming with the Emissaries of Light booster set. Although this isn’t the first card we have had for Luso, this will be his first Fire card. This card has a fantastic ability that allows you to play another Fire card each turn, especially if your deck is made up entirely of Fire cards. As there aren’t any cost restrictions, this means you could even play your stronger Forwards as long as they end up on the top of the deck. If it is the ‘Damage 6’ ability that is activated instead of the first one, you get to search out a Fire card and play it, which is really nice. Luso is the main character of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, which was released on the Nintendo DS between 2007 and 2008 worldwide. 

FFTCG Emissaries of Light

Aerith –

The Buy a Box promo for Emissaries of Light will be a Premium Foil Full Art Aerith [16-067L]. This latest Aerith card is based on the Final Fantasy VII remake video game while still playing homage to the original key art from Final Fantasy VII. Aerith has a great way of returning from the Break Zone to the field and gives other Forwards a nice +2000 Power bonus. Aerith is the last member of an ancient race called the Cetra that have powerful magical abilities. As a result, the Shinra Electric Power Company hunt her down hoping to use her powers for their own benefit.

FFTCG Emissaries of Light

On April 8th, a week before the release of the Emissaries of Light Booster Box on April 15th, fans will get the chance to acquire the pre-release kit for this set. This will include Nine Emissaries of Light Booster Packs, an exclusive pre-release promo card and exclusive pre-release sleeves. If you would like to get involved with this, get in contact with your local game stores. 

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