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FFTCG – Emissaries of Light market values

It’s been just over a month since the release of the Emissaries of Light booster, which just happens to be the very first set of 2022 for the FFTCG. With this being the first injection of new cards we have seen for quite a while, there has been a shift in the market with several of the cards already rising towards the top end of it. 

Lightning (Full Art Reprint)

The most valuable card included in the Emissaries of Light booster is the full art reprint of Lightning, which made its original debut in the FFTCG way back in Opus I.

Emissaries of Light

eBay: $122$152

TCGPlayer: $150 – $160

Tidus (Full Art)

Fans of Final Fantasy X will remember seeing Tidus playing Blitzball in the opening scene of the game. Well, this moment has been turned into card art for the upcoming Emissaries of Light set. We’ve seen several Tidus cards throughout the game, but  Kumiko Koike has done an exceptional job at creating this beautiful artwork. The full art version of this card is currently the most sought after and valuable of the entire set. 

Emissaries of Light

eBay Value: $84

TCG Player Value: $75 – $80

Cecil (Full Art)

Another Legend that currently sits higher up in the FFTCG market is this full art Cecil card. This Forward’s abilities no doubt contribute to this value, as it has a great way of playing a 4 cost character from your hand and activating two Backups if the card is a Category IV Character. What is more, if your opponent doesn’t or can’t pay 2, any summons or abilities that target one of your Characters gets cancelled. 

Emissaries of Light

eBay Value: $60

TCG Player Value: $45 – $60

Shantotto (Full Art)

In this full card art, we see the Tarutaru Black Mage effortlessly casting a powerful spell. Shantotto is legendary within the Final Fantasy franchise, making many appearances in several titles. Shantotto is so iconic, in fact, that she has had guest appearances in Dragon Quest X, Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike.

Emissaries of Light

eBay Value: $60

TCG Player Value: $50 – $55

Rikku EX (Full Art)

There are several Final Fantasy X characters that appear in the Emissaries of Light, including this Rikku EX full art. This is the seventh Rikku card to be introduced into the FFTCG, with this being the second EX version. 

eBay Value: $45

TCG Player Value: $40 – $50

Yunalesca (Full Art)

This Yunalesca card illustrated by Kinsha perfectly captures the beauty and magical aura of the Summoner. Yunalesca first appeared in Fantasy X and has always appeared wearing a very specific (and modest) outfit. 

eBay Value: $36

TCG Player Value: $35

Cloud of Darkness (Full Art)

We have seen several depictions of Cloud of Darkness throughout the FFTCG, including the  A-002 promo card that has become the rarest card of the game.  Gen Kobayashi has done a great job of capturing the creepiness of this character, but as a character designer for the Resident Evil 0 video game that was released in 2002, it’s easy to see why.

Emissaries of Light

eBay Value: $30

TCG Player Value: $25 – $35

Black Waltz 3 (Full Art)

The Black Waltzes, who have gotten cards in Emissaries of Light, are black mages created by Zorn and Thorn in Final Fantasy IX, to be used in the capture of Princess Garnet. The most valuable of these cards is Black Waltz 3, who has been illustrated by Rubi Asami in a stained glass style that adds to the creepiness of these magical winged mages. 

eBay Value: $40

TCG Player Value: $40 – $50

These are just the most valuable cards of the Emissaries of Light set with several others not far behind. If you would like to learn more about other cards of this set, including the full arts, check out our links below – 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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