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FFTCG: Emissaries of Light Pre-Release card

With just under three weeks until the first booster of the year releases, Square Enix has finally shared the promo card that will come with the pre-release kits. Emissaries of Light, releasing on April 15th, will continue the new Crystal mechanic that was first introduced last November with the Crystal Domination set. 

The pre-release kit for this set will include nine Emissaries of Light Booster Packs, an exclusive pre-release promo card and exclusive pre-release sleeves. The stamped pre-release card coming with the pre-release kit will be a full art Serah, showing her older sister Lightning standing behind her. This card art will not only be the box art for Emissaries of Light, but will also be the design for the card sleeves also coming with the pre-release kit. 

In play, this card will force your opponent to discard a card if you have two other Ice characters. What your opponent loses is your gain, as you get to draw a card as long as you have a category XIII character with a different element to Ice in play.

Emissaries of Light Pre-Release

Unfortunately, the Emissaries of Light Pre-Release kit was delayed by a week, which means that it will release alongside the official release of the set on April 15th. Throughout 2021, the FFTCG was hit with a number of delays due to logistic issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, it seems that those issues will continue into 2022. Last month, Square Enix announced that several products would be delayed. Emissaries of Light was pushed back from March 25th to April 15th, with the Custom Starter Set: Final Fantasy X and the 2022 Anniversary Collection also being delayed in North America. 

After the release of  Emissaries of Light next month, collectors and players can look forward to the Rebellion’s Call booster. This set has also been delayed by a week, now releasing on August 15th with the pre-release weekend kicking off on August 6th. Rebellion’s Call will include characters from the Japanese mobile game Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII. Legacy cards will feature in this set, with popular cards getting the premium full-art treatment.

By looking at all the card reveals for this set, Emissaries of Light is shaping up to be a fantastic set. If you would like to check out all of these cards, check out our articles below – 

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