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FFTCG – Golbez Vs Cecil first card art reveals

Golbez Vs Cecil will be the latest 2 player starter set made up of two decks, which will release in July. Although we have only had the box art and four card arts revealed for this set since December last year, Square Enix has finally shared a few more cards via the Hobby Japan stream, although the card text is still missing. 

The newest two-player starter deck to enter the FFTCG in 2022, Golbez Vs Cecil, is slated for a July 15th release date, although that could change slightly as other products have been delayed as a result of the pandemic in the last couple of months. The first is a Fire/Earth deck based on Golbez and his manipulated minions, while the other focuses on the paladin Cecil within a Lightning/Water theme.15 extra cards will be included with each deck, allowing players to customise the decks and make them their own. 

 Golbez Vs. Cecil
 Golbez Vs. Cecil
 Golbez Vs. Cecil
 Golbez Vs. Cecil
 Golbez Vs. Cecil
 Golbez Vs. Cecil

The Noctis Vs Ardyn Starter Set will follow Golbez Vs Cecil, releasing on October 28th. The set will focus on Final Fantasy XV and will include two 50-card preconstructed decks. These sets are designed so that new and old players can jump straight into a game with two well-balanced decks. The Noctis deck is themed around Wind and Earth, while Ardyn, the villain of Final Fantasy XV,  has Fire and Lightning at his disposal. Now that we swiftly approach the first of these sets, there will no doubt be more card reveals for Noctis Vs. Ardyn in the near future. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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