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FFTCG Market Analysis: Cloud – 11-127L

Cloud is arguably the most popular character in the Final Fantasy franchise. Although he has had several FFTCG cards released within the game since the release of the Opus Series in 2016, one of the most valuable is Cloud (11-127L) that came with Opus XI: Soldier’s Return. This set was released on March 27th 2020 and focused on one of the most popular games in the entire franchise, Final Fantasy VII.

Note: All values reflect the time of writing this article (February 1st 2022) and are subject to change

Cloud has been a favoured character in the Final Fantasy franchise since his first appearance way back in 1997 in Final Fantasy VII. Because of this popularity, Cloud cards are instantly sought after by fans, collectors and players. Besides Final Fantasy VII, Cloud has played a big part in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. He has also made an appearance in the spin-off games Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Cloud entered the franchise as a seemingly arrogant swordsman offering up his services to Avalanche while trying to become a hero. Throughout his journey, Cloud learns a lot about himself and shows his softer side, eventually taking on Sephiroth and the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Cloud 11-127L

Value – 

The last raw copies of the full art Cloud (11-127L) sold for $212 on January 27th and $201 on November 13th. On TCG Player, there haven’t been any sales of this card in 2022, although it did sell for around $210 in November and December last year. The non-full art card has been selling for between $10 and $25 over on eBay, although TCG Player prices have been as low as $5 on TCG Player. On January 30th, a BGS 10 copy of Cloud (11-127L) sold for $800 after a best offer was accepted. It’s worth mentioning that on January 20th, a PSA 10 non-full art version of this card sold for $127.

Population – 

There are currently 13 Cloud (11-127L) in the PSA population, all of which achieving PSA 10s. When it comes to BGS, there are just 4 cards in the population, 2 of which achieving PSA 10s and the others coming in just under with PSA 9.5s. 

Cloud 11-127L

Opus XI – 

When Opus XI: Soldier’s Return hit the TCG, it focused primarily on the characters of Final Fantasy VII, which was fitting, as the remake of the game was just around the corner. What made this booster somewhat of a gamechanger was the introduction of the Counter mechanic, which could be placed over a card to trigger certain effects. 

In March 2021, the price of this booster set skyrocketed to $500- $600 following a lack of stock. Printing more Opus XI didn’t resolve this problem, as players, collectors and scalpers snapped the booster up. Another factor in the lack of stocks was down to Opus XI launching during the first COVID-19 lockdown, which could have steadied initial sales. As the pandemic went on and people began to settle into it, many people decided to return or start playing and collecting the TCG, making the current set of the time, Opus XI, more desirable. 

Now, after almost a year, these boosters are still selling for around $300, which could also be a factor in Cloud’s current market value. Other valuable cards from this set are the full art Tifa and Sephiroth cards, which are also found on the higher end of FF TCG Market. 

It’s not just cards found in Opus XI that are the most valuable in the game, with several others taking top spots. If you would like to learn more about these cards, including the rarest cards that are now worth an eyewatering among, you can check out our articles below- 

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