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FFTCG Market Watch – Most valuable booster cards

Like any thriving market, values can yoyo, with the FFTCG being no different. With the release of Emissaries of Light right around the corner, arriving on April 15th, we take a look at the most expensive cards that can be pulled from booster packs before the market landscape changes. 

Tifa 11-071L (Full Art)

Tifa is a proud member of Avalanche and a friend of Cloud. She has been a popular character among fans who first entered the franchise in Final Fantasy VII. Although there have been plenty of cards based on this character, the full art Tifa happens to be the most valuable booster card in the entire FFTCG.

eBay Value: $443

TCG Player Value: $560-$600

Graded: PSA 9 – $473$538, BGS 10 – $1527 & $1668

FFTCG Market
FFTCG Market

Cloud 11-127L (Full Art)

Cloud has been a favoured character in the Final Fantasy franchise since his first appearance way back in 1997 in Final Fantasy VII. Because of this popularity, Cloud cards are instantly sought after by fans, collectors and players. The most valuable of these, when it comes to booster set cards, is Cloud 11-127L.

eBay Value: $314

TCG Player Value: $210

Graded: BGS 10 – $1200

Lightning 13-081 (Full Art)

Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance was released on March 26th 2021 and included several premium full art cards that boasted some seriously impressive artwork. The most valuable and sought after of this set is the full art Lightning 13-081H

eBay Value: $157

TCG Player Value: $190

Graded: BGS 9 – $177

FFTCG Market

Cloud (Full Art) 14-065L

The second most expensive Cloud card is this full art that came with the Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss set. In fact, this card has become the most valuable card of the entire set. Besides the pull rate, playability and popularity of the character, another reason why this card has become so sought after is its ferocious manga-style artwork created by Lisa Fujise.

eBay Value: $162$170

TCG Player Value:  $140

Sephiroth 11-130L (Full Art)

Sephiroth is a character that needs no introduction among Final Fantasy fans, being the antagonist of  Final Fantasy VII and its remake. This card, which came with Opus XI, reflects the character’s dark legacy with the Shinra Electric Power Company and his expertise in battle. 

eBay Value – There are currently no recent sales for this card although the lowest active listing has an asking price of $80.

TCG Player Value – $129

Emissaries of Light will continue the Crystal mechanic first introduced with the Crystal Dominion booster that was released back in November 2021. If you would like to check out the other cards already revealed for this set, check out our links below – 

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