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FFTCG: Opus 1 Wave 1 Full Foil Set sells for $3300

A recent sale of a complete Opus, Wave 1 full foil set has sold for an impressive $3276 after 27 bids. Opus 1 was the first set of the FFTCG, which launched in 2016 after Square Enix cancelled the previous Chapter Series in 2015. Although many people have speculated about why the Chapter Series ended, some believe that it was due to a dwindling fan base and the abundance of broken cards. The truth of the matter is, the original FF TCG was purposely discontinued to reboot it for worldwide audiences. Starting from scratch gave Square Enix the rare opportunity to take player feedback and use it to perfect their game. 

While Opus 1 contains a number of valuable cards, such as the Shantotto and Cloud Legends, it is ironically a piece of promotional material that became the most valuable card in the game. Known best as A-002: Cloud of Darkness / Onion Knight, this promotional card was included in goodie bags for the 3rd ‘anniversary of Dissidia’ event that took place at the Tokyo Dome City Gallery on November 10th, 2018. While there were places to play and learn the FFTCG at the event, the main attraction was a tournament for the Japanese arcade game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. Because many of the people who attended were there primarily for the tournament, many  A-002 cards ended up in the waste bin or were damaged by being carried around all day. 

 Opus 1 Wave 1
 Opus 1 Wave 1

Instead of giving each set its own unique name, as seen in TCGs like Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh, The FFTCG opted to call their sets ‘Opuses’, with an assigned roman numeral going up in chronological order. This all changed in November 2021 with the release of the Crystal Dominion set, which dropped the Opus numbering system. At the time, Square Enix explained that they thought the rising numbers could have been intimidating to new players getting into the FFTCG for the first time. 

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