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FFTCG Opus XIII – Crystal Radiance Sneak Peek

Final Fantasy Opus XIII

Square Enix has revealed a sneak peek into the upcoming Final Fantasy TCG Opus XIII. Although players and collectors don’t have long to wait, with the set hitting stores on March 26th, Final Fantasy TCG producer Taro Kageyama has introduced two more of the cards that will be included in the latest Opus. 

Alexander [13-053R]

The first card revealed is Alexander. Artist Gen Kobayashi has captured the view of someone who is seconds from being squished by this giant. The card art does the scale of this summoned creature justice, while the light flooding down gives extra depth to it.

This card gives +3000 power to one of your Forwards and prevents them from becoming ‘Dull’ as a result of an ability or Summon. If you take 5 points of damage or more, Alexander can deal even more damage to an opponent’s Forward. 

Llednar [13-108L]

The other card shared with us is Llednar from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where artist Ryoma Ito has opted for a portrait illustration. In the sneak peek, Kageyama tells readers that he is confident that even people who are not familiar with his original game, would still want to add this card to their collection. 

Llednar has Fire and Wind elements and cannot be broken when a Fortune Counter is placed on it. An opponent can remove this protection but at the cost of discarding two cards from their hand. 

With the release of the 13th Opus quickly approaching, why not take a look back at the sets that came before it in our feature – The History Of The Final Fantasy TCG – A Phoenix From The Ashes

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