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FFTCG – Our top Crystal Dominion picks

As FFTCG fans eagerly await the release of the Emissaries of Light in March, we take a look at the most current set, Crystal Dominion, and some of the incredible cards that came with it. This set was first released on November 20th 2021 and was the first FFTCG booster to drop the Opus numbering system. The decision to take this away, which has been part of the packaging since the very beginning of the game, is to prevent new players from feeling alienated and feeling discouraged by the prospect of catching up on 14 sets.

Terra – Full Art

The Terra full art is the most valuable card of the Crystal Dominion set, with the last copies selling for between $135 and $153 in December. Terra is known as Tina in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI, which was the debuting game for the character. This stunning portrayal of Terra was completed by Toshitaka Matsuda who is responsible for a number of iconic art pieces throughout the Final Fantasy franchise. To learn more about this illustrator, check out our article here

Crystal Dominion


Rydia has already had six cards in the FFTCG, with this latest version being the second to be illustrated by veteran artist Yoshitaka Amano. Amano is famous for his retro art style and the work he did on early anime series such as Gatchaman and Speed Racer, which took inspiration from Western comic books. On TCG plater, this card is worth around $8

Kytes & Filo (Full Art)

We really love both the Kytes and Filo cards coming with the Crystal Dominion, mainly because of the art completed by Ryoma Ito, which makes both of these Sky Pirate cards look uniform when placed together. The latest copies of these cards to sell on TCG Player have both gone for around $30

Crystal Dominion

Kefka EX

Fans of the Final Fantasy VI game will get a kick from this Kefka card. Just like the final battle of the game, where the Returners face off against Kefka, this card forces your opponent to divide their Forwards into three groups. Unfortunately for them, they only get to keep one of them, with the others going to the break. This card has been selling for around $27 throughout January.

Crystal Dominion


When a card’s art is used for the booster box and pack art of a set, you just know that it is a card that Square Enix are proud of. Noctis is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV and is the crown prince and heir to the throne of Lucis, the kingdom with control over the Crystal. In the card art, we also see Noctis’ love, Luna. Despite the impressive artwork of this card, Noctis has been selling for around $3 on both TCG Player and eBay

Another new feature that will change the FF TCG is the introduction of ‘Crystals’, which is a new cost system that works separately from Crystal Points (CP). Cards will use abilities to gain more ‘Crystals’ to bolster their forces further. Square Enix suggest using dice or counters to keep on top of the Crystals you have gathered. Two kinds of premium version ‘Crystal’ cards will also arrive with Crystal Dominion, which can be used in play. The next set coming to the FFTCG will be Emissaries of Light, which will continue this mechanic. As always, this set will bring protagonists from many mainline and spin-off Final Fantasy titles, which will allow players to include their favourites characters in their decks. 

Emissaries of Light will include the premium version of the starter cards that will come with the Final Fantasy X custom starter set releasing on February 25th, as well as some brand new card art featuring as premium full arts. Lightning [1-141L], Lenna [3-144L] and Vayne [9-022L] will be the three past cards chosen for the premium full art treatment in this set, which will no doubt be exciting for collectors and fans of these characters. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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