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FFTCG – Our top Emissaries of Light full arts

Emissaries of Light has finally been released and with it comes some incredible cards to bolster decks and add some serious gems to FFTCG collections. As always, several cards have been given the full art treatment, with some of those included within the Emissaries of Light truly raising the bar in terms of artwork. In this article, we share the full art cards we love the most from this latest booster. 

Yunalesca (16-041C)

This Yunalesca card illustrated by Kinsha perfectly captures the beauty and magical aura of the Summoner. Yunalesca first appeared in Fantasy X and has always appeared wearing a very specific (and modest) outfit. This is certainly an example where the removal of the text box is more noticeable and effective when compared to the original card. 

Emissaries of Light full arts

Tidus (16-116L) & Wakka (16-138S)

Fans of Final Fantasy X will no doubt remember the opening scene of the game with Tidus playing Blitzball. In this Tidus (16-116L) full art card, created by Kumiko Koike, and Wakka (16-138S), illustrated by Kinsha, we see the young protagonists having fun beneath the tropical waves of Besaid Island.

Emissaries of Light full arts

Babus (16-037R) & Ezel (16-107R)

There is just something so satisfying about seeing Babus (16-037R) and Ezel (16-107R) placed side by side. Ryoma Ito always does a fantastic job with his pieces, especially when matching up two pieces together. Another good example of this was with the Kytes (15-047R) and Filo (15-056R) cards that came with the Crystal Dominion booster set, and the Mjrn (14-053R) and Jote (14-054R) cards that came with Crystal Abyss.

Emissaries of Light full arts

Cloud of Darkness (16-027L)

We have seen several depictions of Cloud of Darkness throughout the FFTCG, stemming back to the A-002 promo card that went on to become the rarest card in the entire game. What I really like about this artwork is the anime style design and the spooky atmosphere Gen Kobayashi has managed to capture. While the standard version looks really cool, with Cloud of Darkness appearing to loom over her text box, the full art takes it to the next level with the sprites adding depth to the piece.

Emissaries of Light full arts

Kirin (16-070L)

Toshitaka Matsuda has done a phenomenal job of illustrating Kirin, with the full art showing off even more of the character’s tribal design and the velocity of its swiping attack. It’s really nice to see Kirin and the Shijin appear in the Emissaries of Light set which made their video game debut in Final Fantasy XI.

Warrior of Light (16-127L)

The standard version of Warrior of Light loses so much in terms of artwork, with the full art showing off the shield of the destined hero of prophecy. Daigo Tsukada’s depiction of the Warrior of Light is perfect, with the style looking like it belongs in a fairy tale telling the story of the Light Warriors – characters that have been a theme within the Final Fantasy franchise since the early days.

Emissaries of Light full arts

Of course, these are just a few cards that stand out to us, with many more impressive full art cards included in the Emissaries of Light booster set. To learn more about the first set of 2022, head over to our links below –  

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