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FFTCG: The best artwork of Emissaries of Light 

With Emissaries of Light releasing in just a few days on April 15th, fans of the FFTCG won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on the first booster of 2022. Although this latest set will include some incredible new cards that players will be keen to add to their arsenal, there are several sporting some impressive artwork created by some of Final Fantasy’s most renowned artists. In this article, we share our favourite pieces. 


Fans of Final Fantasy X will no doubt remember the opening scene of the game with Tidus playing Blitzball. In this fantastic artwork created by Kumiko Koike, we see the protagonist sink beneath the sunlit depths while suspiciously keeping his hair looking perfect! This card will have a full art version which really does the artwork justice. 

Emissaries of Light

Cloud of Darkness

We have seen several depictions of Cloud of Darkness throughout the FFTCG, stemming back to the A-002 promo card that went on to become the rarest card in the entire game. What I really like about this artwork is the anime style design and the spooky atmosphere Gen Kobayashi has managed to capture. Prior to working on Final Fantasy, Gen was a character designer for the Resident Evil 0 video game that was released in 2002, which may explain why he can do a good job of illustrating creepy characters. 

Emissaries of Light

Heretical Knight Garland

Toshitaka Matsuda is among my favourite FFTCG illustrators because of his instantly recognisable style. This Heretical Knight Garland card coming with Emissaries of Light is similar to the work he did on the Opus VIII, such as the Bahamut card, with a side profile of the character. With that being said, Heretical Knight Garland has sharper outlines and is more silhouetted compared to his other work while still capturing a lot of detail. 

Emissaries of Light


As the oldest villain in the Final Fantasy franchise, Chaos has had several cards in the FFTCG. This latest one, coming with the Emissaries of Light booster, is the first to be illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, in his iconic rough sketch style. This card is definitely unique and adds diversity to the latest set. 

Black Waltz Cards

All three of these Black Waltz cards have been illustrated by Rubi Asami in a stained glass style that adds to the creepiness of these magical mages. These Black Waltz cards have three versions – normal, premium, and a premium full art, offering different combinations of borders and how much of them are revealed. With Black Waltz being among the most memorable enemies in FFIX, it is only fitting that they get one of the most unique and memorable art styles we have seen in the game for a while. 


The stamped pre-release card coming with the pre-release kit will be a full art Serah, showing her older sister Lightning standing behind her. This card art will not only be the box art for Emissaries of Light, but will also be the design for the card sleeves also coming with the pre-release kit. 

Of course, these are just a few cards that stand out to us, with many more impressive pieces coming with Emissaries of Light.To learn more about the Emissaries of Light booster set, check out our links below – 

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