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Final Fantasy TCG – 2022 Upcoming Products

The first part of 2022 is looking incredibly promising, with several new products injecting some seriously cool artwork and archetypes into the game. As always, the Final Fantasy TCG will feature more fan favourite characters in their upcoming products, which will span multiple main and spin-off Final Fantasy titles. In this article, we take a look at the booster sets and starter decks that we know are coming this year. 

February 25th –  Custom Starter Set: Final Fantasy X

The Final Fantasy X is a custom starter deck is the first of its kind, consisting of 1 preconstructed deck of 50 cards and an extra 50 cards that can be used to customise the deck to fit any player’s style. The initial deck is a Wind/Water one that can be turned into a Fire/Wind or Fire/Water. 

April 8th – Emissaries of Light Pre-release Kit

A week before the release of the Emissaries of Light Booster Box, fans will get the chance to acquire the pre-release kit for the set. This will include Nine Emissaries of Light Booster Packs, an exclusive pre-release promo card and exclusive pre-release sleeves. 

April 15th –  Emissaries of Light Booster Box

The next set coming to the FFTCG will be Emissaries of Light, which will continue the Crystal mechanic. As always, this set will bring protagonists from many mainline and spin-off Final Fantasy titles, which will allow players to include their favourites characters in their decks. 

Final Fantasy TCG upcoming products

May 27th – Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Set Collection

The Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Set 2022 will include an impressive 200 reprints, including three premium full art versions of Yuna & Tidus [PR-111]. All of the reprints are cards that are often used in play, with many of them being staples in competitive decks. The other Legend cards in the set will get a standard and a full art standard version, including Golbez [1-135L], Y’shtola [5-068L], Gabranth [9-063L], Rinoa [6-041L], Zidane [6-044L], Fusoya [9-094L], Ritz [911-063L], Shantotto [1-107L] and Diabolos [5-062L].

Final Fantasy TCG upcoming products

July 15th – Two Player Starter Set: Golbez Vs. Cecil

Golbez Vs. Cecil is the latest 2 player starter set made up of two decks. The first is a Fire/Earth deck based on Golbez and his manipulated minions, while the other focuses on the paladin Cecil within a Lightning/Water deck.15 extra cards will be included with each deck, allowing players to customise the decks and make them their own. 

Final Fantasy TCG upcoming products

August 5th – Rebellion’s Call Prerelease Kit

A week before the release of the Rebellion’s Call Booster Box, Players will be able to get their hands on the pre-release kit with the usual goodies. This will include Nine Rebellion’s Call Booster Packs, an exclusive pre-release promo card and exclusive pre-release stamped sleeves. 

August 12th – Rebellion’s Call Booster Box

After Emissaries of Light, the next set in the FF TCG will be Rebellion’s Call, which will include characters from the Japanese mobile game Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII. Legacy cards will feature in this set, with popular cards getting premium full-art versions.

October – Two Player Starter Set Noctis vs Ardyn

November – Booster Pack Resurgence of Power

Final Fantasy TCG upcoming products

Of course, these are just the products Square Enix have shared, with more no doubt on the horizon. To keep up to date with all the latest FF TCG products, news and market updates, make sure to follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to take a look at other incredible cards in the game, head over to Anthos, the ultimate database for everything Final Fantasy TCG. 

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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