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Final Fantasy TCG – Boss Deck Chaos

Final Fantasy Boss Deck Chaos

Those of you who have attended Final Fantasy TCG events in the past may be familiar with the Boss Fight format, where players team up to take on an official member of staff using an incredibly powerful deck. Well, for the first time ever, Square Enix is releasing a pre-constructed Boss Deck that you can play at home, lead by the corrupted knight Garland, better known as Chaos. In this multiplayer challenge, up to three players will defend themselves against some of Final Fantasy’s most nefarious Bosses – including Sephiroth, Diabolos and Cloud of Darkness.

The Contents Of The Boss Deck

Although challengers will have to use their own constructed decks to take on Chaos and the gang, the Boss Deck does come with 100 cards, 67 of which are specific to the Boss Fight format. The other 33 cards are reprints from previous booster packs, including three legendary reprints for Vayne, Kuja, and Sephiroth.

The player using the Boss Deck will automatically start with a Garland, who powers himself by +4000 every attack, and a Spiritus, which allows you to summon two Dark Characters onto the field. 

The full decklist can be found here, on the Square Enix website. 

How Will Boss Fights Work? 

As previously mentioned, three players get to take on some of Final Fantasy’s ultimate villains using their own 50 card decks. The Boss, on the other hand, plays with a deck of 80 powerful cards and gets to draw four cards every turn. To defeat the Boss, you and your team must deal seven damage in any way you can. If your opponent manages to take out one of your teammates, the others get to play on until you, or the Boss, are defeated. 

Strategising with your friends is encouraged in this new format, with any player’s Forwards able to block an attack for any of the Heroes on your team. When the Villain attacks, however, if it cannot be blocked, all Heroes receive 1 point of damage. A handy Rule Guide and a Quick Start Sheet is included in this deck, which will help you and your friends get stuck right in. 

An incredibly unique feature of this type of format is that there are several cards that can change the difficulty of the Boss. Those with advanced decks may opt to take it on at full power, while beginners to the game may choose a lesser difficulty to work their way up. This gives ‘Boss Deck – Chaos’ a lot of replayability, as your opponent’s strategy will change depending on the cards the difficulty allows.

When Will Final Fantasy TCG Boss Deck Chaos Hit Stores? 

This exciting new multiplayer challenge will be dropping on March 5th 2021, costing around $30 in the US and £22 in the UK, with ‘Opus XIII’ following on March 26th 2021.

So, are you ready to take on the unrelenting evil of ‘Boss Deck: Chaos’? Or maybe you want to don your most menacing black cape and put your friends through pain? For all future updates on this and all other Final Fantasy Trading Card Game products, make sure you regularly check back in with LudkinsMedia.com or follow us on Instagram or Facebook

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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