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Final Fantasy TCG: Opus XI Price Skyrockets!

Opus XI FFTCG Price Rise

The price of Final Fantasy TCG: Opus XI has been rising exponentially in recent weeks, with prices hitting record highs. With Opus XI Booster Sets currently selling for an average of $500- $600, what could be the reason for this incredible inflation?

The Lack of Stock

Opus XI sold well following its release and eventually became harder to find as the year went on. Stock in the US has been scarce for the past few months, with the UK market suffering the same effects recently. As a result of this, the market price of Opus XI has been steadily rising, with new stock being snapped up instantly by players, collectors, and investors. Currently, it is almost impossible to get your hands on an Opus XI booster box as every worldwide distributor has now run completely empty. 

The big question is, what caused all the available stock to be bought up in such excess before distributors could receive fresh stock?  

Nothing Sells Like Nostalgia

Like Pokemon, Final Fantasy is generational. Kids who played Final Fantasy VII when they were young are now grown up with an income and can afford to invest in products that will make them feel nostalgic. When Opus XI was initially launched, it coincided with the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake back in April last year, which would have only reignited the interest in a game that is regarded as one of the best in the franchise. 

Within the Opus XI set are a number of popular FF VII character cards such as Vincent, Azul and Kadaj. Among the most sought after cards, however, are full art foils of Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth. The Final Fantasy TCG has moved on from being just a TCG for players; It is now recognised as a highly collectable and investable product. Because of this, it is likely that the chase cards found in Opus XI will never go down in value, which will further reinforce the prices we are seeing, as long as nothing else changes within the market. 

Did Covid-19 Affect Stock Levels? 

Opus XI launched during the first COVID-19 lockdown, which could have steadied initial sales. As the pandemic went on and people began to settle into it, those who may have taken a break from playing and collecting returned to pick up where they left off. There has also been an increase in new people entering the game for the first time, who are looking for a hobby to pursue as their former activities are still limited. This influx of buyers may have contributed to the lack of stock, which has prompted savvy investors to buy up the remaining stock so that they can resell them at a marked up price. The longer online stores cannot provide Opus XI for RRP, the more expensive market prices can rise. 

Will The Price Bubble Pop?

With such a high market price, it begs the question, what happens when fresh stock comes onto the market? One outcome could be that the current prices drop significantly to the despair of those who paid the greatly inflated prices. There is also a chance that the new stock is bought up quickly and the market prices we are currently seeing remain. If Square Enix opts to do a reprint, it is unlikely that the Opus XI prices will decrease in value. 

With Final Fantasy VII being one of the most popular titles in the franchise, the announcement of the remake’s second part may be helping hike the price of Opus XI even further. Will we see prices soar further when the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 hits stores?

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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